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To my fellow brides,

Kimi K, on January 4, 2012 at 10:44 AM Posted in Planning 0 66
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It has come to my attention that quite a few brides on here lately have had vents/rants about different topics but most seem to surround the big issue of $Money$. Well here is my little input about the big money topic:

Please let it be known that no one should be held responsible to pay for your wedding day except for you and your FH. Family members can offer to pay but until you have that check or cash in hand, it is best to assume that you will be paying for it on your own. Since I have joined WW I have seen numerous brides complaining about not receiving the money they were promised therefore having to cancel or postpone their wedding to a later date. Please keep in mind that you are not entitled to wedding money and you should never fault your parents or family for not starting a 'wedding savings fund for you. Keep in mind your wedding day is just that - 1 day. The ceremony is what gets you married and the reception afterwards is nothing but a big party.

That is all.


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    And everyone said, "Amen".

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    Preach it sista!

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    Amen! If there were a like button on these boards, I would like it 500 times over. :-D

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    Agree!!! I don't understand why some brides assume it's the parents or any other family member responsibility to give money. I have pushed my date like 3 times. Even my mom's bf said when will this come. My aunt told me on NYE that when that day comes she doesn't even know if she will live to be present this day. Umm well all we are doing is saving. I am not going into debt for this day. I rather just give money. My dad offered me the help but am not counting on it. That's why am pushing and in fact I haven't talk to my FH about my idea but we wanted to get married in 2014 but I really want a 2015 wedding. Just to be secure.

    I don't want no one to contribute anything and you're so right it's party to celebrate your marriage. Some brides stress themselves cause of money but theres always City Hall. If you don't got the money propane that's all but don't complain.

  • Mrs L
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    I AGREE!!!

  • K
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    Who is the imposter posting under my name and picture?

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    Couldn't have said it better!

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    @Princess that thinking is solely based on tradition, like where I am from(Nigeria), it is hardly ever heard that a couple pays for their wedding, the parents cover up like 80% or some actually do the full 100%. However for me its not so just because there's already so much going on for my family that a wedding would put pressure financially on them at this time, so I opted to cover it with my FH. however when i tell most people this, they are shocked just because like i said, from where I am from, it is pretty much the norm that the families cover it all or most.

    I guess sometimes it is tied to the fact that that is likely going to be the last time the family would be taking care of you and from then you are on your own, so it is somewhat like a "giving you away" gift--thats just my best interpretation for such thinking though. Lol

  • Pumpkin's Sunshine
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    My parents told me at the beginning of the planning that they wanted to help. I asked them not to tell me how much they were going to give me. I wanted to plan a wedding I could afford and then whatever they gave me would be a bonus, not a necessity.

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    I like that Pumpkins Sunshine!

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    I like that too Pumpkin Sunshine! Good for you!

    Now, I've noticed the ones commenting have yet to be the girls who I wrote the message for. I'm hoping they've at least read this and have chosen not to comment.

  • Christina
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    Thanks for your insight, Kimi!

    It's good to keep in mind that sometimes people just need to rant, rave, and be discouraged about upset wedding plans. And there's nothing wrong with that! This is a great place to do it - among other brides and grooms who are in the planning process and can offer great insight.

    Everyone's process is different, no one's wedding is exactly the same. Be respectful of these differences that exist.

  • Meghan
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    Those of you who ahve been around for a while have seen my advice regardling this.

    Start your planning with a budget. That budget includes the exact location the funds are coming from. Can you realistically put $300-500 away a month for the wedding? If you can't, you need to reassess. Then, take that budget and reduce it by 20%, because unexpected expenses will come up.

    If family is generous enough to contribute, have them write you a check, or pay a vendor directly.

    I'm really tired of seeing brides put down deposits, only to have to delay and they are losing a ton of money each time they put it off. Scale back, cut the guest list, don't buy a designer dress, etc. Spend your money on the things the guests will love- good food, alcohol and a great DJ. The rest is all superfluous. Two days after a wedding, I can rarely remember what the color were- but I remember dancing my butt off all night!

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