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The overdone but necessary RSVP rant...

Danielle, on April 10, 2014 at 2:14 PM Posted in Planning

I never rant on here, but I feel like no one else but fellow brides (& grooms) will understand. I know that no one is as excited for our wedding as FH & I are, but people could at least show some freaking respect and tell me they're not coming instead of assuming I'll know they're not coming if they don't send one back.

My mom just texted me telling me that nobody on her side of the family (my aunts and uncles-14 total) are coming to the wedding, & that they aren't going to send back the RSVP. Given, the wedding is at least an hour away from everyone & they're old so it's fine, but seriously, I need the RSVP telling me you aren't coming. Hearing it along a line of gossip doesn't count.

And on that note, as of today I've been getting facebook messages from guests telling me they're coming, and who with, etc. Which is fine, it's better than no response at all, but I didn't pay to get those stupid RSVP postcards printed & cut them out myself at work at 6 AM for you to not use it.




  • Mrs Lisa M.
    VIP April 2014
    Mrs Lisa M. ·

    You could be like us and be 9 or 10 days away and have the same people that said they weren't coming now say they are. We have had a total of 5 people in the last 2 days do this to us. So frustrating.

    Not to mention the person at work that wants her invite..ummm no!

  • D&J
    Expert October 2014
    D&J ·

    Rant accepted! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Those RSVP cards are not cheap! =)~

  • Allison
    Super May 2014
    Allison ·

    Agree...WTF...it's pre addressed and stamped. I guess people think it will hurt your feelings to see "no".

    On a side note...I live my guests who write notes about how excited they are or hand write "with much regrets" on their RSVP..

  • Tiffany M. ( Tiffany P.)
    Master August 2012
    Tiffany M. ( Tiffany P.) ·

    I think this is appropriate.

  • Alejandra
    Master May 2014
    Alejandra ·

    My aunt told my cousin "Oh don't worry about sending her your card, she knows you're going". Um, yes bc I'm a mind reader, right? ughh lol I mean, it's a pre-addressed envelope that is already stamped. All they need to do is hand it to their mailmain when he drops off their mail. NOT difficult at all.

  • KimS
    Master September 2014
    KimS ·

    SMH. How much easier can you make it for people?? Lick the envelope for them? Ugh.

  • SunshineJenn
    Master August 2014
    SunshineJenn ·

    My response cards are custom-designed. Perforated edges that tear away to look like a boarding pass. Our invitees BETTER SEND THEM BACK. Perforated edges ain't cheap.

  • LB
    Master May 2014
    LB ·

    I'm feeling you, totally. Like is this difficult? Like they get a card in the mail with a stamped, pre-addressed envelope and they're going "Pfft! Ain't Nobody Got Time for Dat!" ? Really?

  • Rebecca
    Super July 2014
    Rebecca ·

    Lol same issue im going through. I'm having people tell me they thought I would just assume they were coming so an RSVP was not needed. With the amount of times people have changed their mind about coming or not and me just hearing it through other people there is no way I can keep everything straight without an official RSVP. My RSVP is even setup on my wedding website so people literally just need to go to the RSVP page and enter their name exactly as it is shown on the invite and simply write yes or no. Were also getting the people who RSVP through our site using the names of Mom, Dad, aunt, grandfather.....how are we supposed to know which mom or aunt you are if you don't write your name......rant over.

  • Jae
    Master June 2014
    Jae ·

    I completely understand... We still have 3 weeks til the deadline for RSVPs but so far I've gotten back about 16 from my family and none from FHs family... And mine is 12 hours away while his lives 10 minutes away. Grrrr!

  • mallory
    VIP May 2014
    mallory ·

    Girl I can feel a rant coming from me tomorrow about these dang RSVP cards... our deadline is today and I haven't checked the mail but almost 60 are out still... which idk we over invited knowing people wouldn't want to drive to it but ugh RESPECT people!!!!!!

  • Katydid
    VIP May 2014
    Katydid ·

    I wish you guys all the speediest of responses! I feel your pain (a little bit) as my RSVP deadline is May 4, but I haven't received all that many responses yet

  • Future Mrs. Connell
    Dedicated June 2014
    Future Mrs. Connell ·

    I'm so NOT looking forward to THIS stress. I know that most of my invites were received on April 7 (thanks to all friends and family text messages letting me know that they got their invites, lol) and we just got our first RSVP back yesterday. I'm hoping that everyone is as smart and efficient as my grandmother...lol...but probably not.

  • AngelaA
    VIP June 2014
    AngelaA ·

    @lively lmao!

    I hear ya though! I had so many people fb me or tell me they were coming it was actually more than the amount of cards I got back. And multiple people told me they lost them, ugh!

    This was one of the main reasons I did an email/phone rsvp for our reception back at home!

  • M
    VIP April 2014
    Mrs. Courtney Baytop ·

    I just told people, no card = no plate. Once I did that, RSVPs started rolling in.

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