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The last 5-10 pounds!! Advice?

Bride2Be2018, on Dec 4, 2017 at 10:31 PM Posted in Fitness and Health

Less than 7 weeks til the wedding. I think I need to adjust my macros. I'm not interested in eating low calorie since I workout hard 4-5 days a week. I've been doing Orange Theory and Hot Yoga and have been eating clean. I've been cycling my calorie intake high on workout days and lower on rest days. I have been trying to lose these last 5 pounds for what seems like forever and wanted to get 10 total pounds off before the wedding but not sure that's realistic. I'll take 5 at this point but am sick of this plateau. I'm thinking maybe Keto??? Would love some suggestions...

ETA: I already eat gluten free/dairy free/cut out alcohol



  • Bride2Be2018
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    Bride2Be2018 ·

    @FutureMrs do you have an specific keto resources you can recommend such as books or websites? ETA: I've been searching online and I'm a little overwhelmed with all the info.

  • Toya
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    Toya ·

    What helps me most is meal prep (only good for 1 week then i quit lol) however eating 6 times a day truly helps me lose 6 pounds a week (when i follow it) its hard but when in stuck I pull out the big guns... Good luck!

  • Bride2Be2018
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    Bride2Be2018 ·

    @Toya yes meal prepping is key for sure! I usually cook a bunch of Sweet potatoes/veggies/chicken on Sunday to have healthy stuff around

  • Andie
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    Andie ·

    Also make sure you're drinking enough water. I can usually drop a few pounds by increasing my water intake. Too many foods have more sodium than I ever think about. And especially with the amount of exercise you do-more water won't hurt

  • Lisa
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    Lisa ·

    Keto! Check out Clean Keto Lifestyle - website and FB!

  • S
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    Samantha ·

    Fiber is the key. If you can eat 30 grams of fiber a day it will help tremendously. When eating this much fiber you also need to drink more water or you will become constipated. I know this seems counterintuitive because fiber makes you poop. But it will also stop you up if you don't up the water intake. Also, be aware if you do not have a gluten intolerance and go gluten free you are more likely to develop a gluten intolerance so if you'd like to eat gluten again I suggest not going gluten free.

  • Bride2Be2018
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    Bride2Be2018 ·

    @Lisa thank you!! I looked at it this morning and it looks like good info. Have you tried this with success??

    @Samantha yes I am visibly bloated and have GI issues whenever I eat gluten, also GI stress and break out with dairy. My food intolerances are real, however dating an Italian who loves pizza makes it tough lol!

  • Nonna T
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    Nonna T ·

    Drink water like it's your job

    Pizza can be made with rice flour!

  • Maria
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    Maria ·

    I don’t know you irl and am obviously not a doctor or nutritionist but it can be a difficult dilemma to know when you’re done. I’m really impressed by your fitness regimen and you seem to have control over nutrition. Sometimes we want to look like we did in high school or early twenties and at some point it’s just not true to our bodies. My advice is to consider the possibility that you’ve reached your best fitness level.

    Otherwise you could try cross training. Burning calories in a different way than usual. So joggers try swimming for example. A drastically different workout could jumpstart your plateau.

  • FutureMrsS
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    FutureMrsS ·

    Workout at least 5 days a week and up your intensity. You have to keep your body guessing, don't do the same routine everyday. What works for me is HIIT training

  • Y
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    Yuliana ·
    It seems like you’re doing everything right already. Sometimes those last 5 pounds are the hardest. Sometimes too it's our bodies telling us that’s enough. I would say incorporate more hiit sessions during the week and base your carbs on your pre-workout meals and pw and do more high fat on the rest of your meals. I’m sure you already look great girl so don’t let those lbs get to you!
  • K
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    Kellie ·
    Dietetics student here... it sounds like you've got a great nutrition/exercise regimen. Honestly, your body is probably at it's set point and you'll have to cut calories drastically to lose weight--which is unhealthy and not recommended. As hard as your working out and eating I'm sure you look great (and healthy) ! Don't give up all the pleasures of life just to lose 5 lbs, which only you might be able to notice anyways. Just eat healthy and enough for your activity and I think you're golden:-)
  • C
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    Courtney ·
    Macro counting is amazing. However, my friends who count macros notice a HUGE difference when they go from doing macros with all types of foods to doing macros with whole/clean foods. Pizza is delicious, but can your FH deal with once a week max just until the wedding? Your workout routine is amazing. My FH does keto for 90 day periods 1-2 times per year. He loves it. BUT when he goes back to eating carbs, he feels miserable. Everyone is different, but I am thinking you don’t want to feel miserable on wedding day when you’re eating Italian and cake?! Cutting out breads, and replacing with brown rice, quinoa, or sweet potatoes as your carbs is a great way to reduce bloat from your gluten intolerance. Quinoa is actually an antiinflamatory, and it’s my go-to when I’m feeling bloated. Just some thoughts. I hope you find something that works for you! And also, sometimes the 5 lbs really isn’t worth it if you’re not enjoying yourself in the process

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