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Thailand Honeymoon

Karissa, on October 3, 2016 at 9:23 PM Posted in Honeymoon 0 3
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Does anyone have recommendations for airfare, hotels, traveling between cities, excursions, and food? Most importantly breakdown of overall cost.


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    This is where we're thinking!! Following

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  • Amanda
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    Don't really have much information except that I've looked a lot into Erawan National Park (it's a waterfall park) that looks so amazing! It's a few hours from Bangkok. If you're into the outdoorsy thing I'd highly recommend you check it out!

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    I am more frequest in Bangkok but Phuket area is really popular for beaches.

    Best time to go: Nov to Feb

    Airfare: Flying from SF, the fare range from $800 to $2500. Don't be fool be really cheap fares because that normally means 12+ hours layover. My best recommendation is Cathay Pacific or Eva air. They are not cheap but it is a long ass flight and you want to be comfortable. If you fly with Cathay, you can stop in Hong Kong for a few days so two trips in one Smiley smile

    Bangkok to Phuket airfare is $100- $150 round trip.

    Hotel: I normally stayed with friends so I can't help you too much there. If you are staying in Bangkok, stay walking distance to BTS (sky train). It is a great mode of transportation and budget friendly. You can stay at really nice hotel in $100 range in Bangkok.

    Food: Bangkok have amazing street food that are safe to eat. The food is generally very cheap too.

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