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Thai Honeymoon! Advice?

JPCD, on January 29, 2018 at 10:40 PM Posted in Honeymoon 0 4
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Hi everyone!

FH and I have yet to book our May Honeymoon 😱
we plan to go to Thailand but don’t really know where to start. We will be flying out from the NYC/NJ area as well (so if you know secret cheap flight sites to look for Im all eyes).
Anyway, we are planning to go to Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and then a beach town (we haven’t quite decided where yet. Open to ideas)

Those of you who have gone or will be going, where are you staying? Recommendations? We would love the beach resort/hotel to have a more romantic/honeymooney feel, while the other two don’t have to be as extravagant. Thanks in advance!


  • Yoomie
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    I've traveled to Thailand several times. All of the beaches are in the south of the country. Bangkok is your main hub for transportation. Unfortunately, distances between Chiang Mai, Bangkok, and southern Thailand (beaches) are great; I recommend flying to save time. If you have time, like more than a week to spend in Thailand, and are headstrong on doing Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and the beaches, then I would fly into Bangkok, head to the beach towns, fly back head back to Bangkok, spend a couple days in Bangkok (because that's really all you need) and fly north to Chiang Mai.
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    Thanks so much for your input! For Bangkok, we were definitely only thinking a few days. We were planning on doing a total of 10days +1 for travel time.

    i think I looked up travel itineraries for Thailand and that’s how I came up with the three regions. Do you recommend I do less ? Also do we need to both fly into and out of Bangkok?

    Im big on wildlife and wanted to see the elephant sanctuary that’s in Chiang Mai.
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    For international flights, yes, you have to fly in and out of Bangkok BUT if you wanted to do Bangkok first, than Chang Mai, followed by beaches, you may be able to fly from Chang Mai-beaches. Changi Mai is their second largest city; look into it.
  • R
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    Rachel ·

    I found this sample itinerary I really liked and saved! Also, use Google flights to figure out the best time/dates to go.

    I just picked a random date, not sure which date you want to go so play around with the calendar:;f=JFK,EWR,LGA;t=BKK,DMK;d=2018-05-13;r=2018-05-23

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