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Tall girl help

Miranda, on August 15, 2018 at 4:01 PM Posted in Wedding Attire 0 2
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I’m having trouble with what to wear under my dress. When I bought it at David’s Bridal I used the torsolette they recommended, and ended up purchasing one. I’m wearing it now to just make sure I can handle wearing it for more than a few minutes. The thing is I’m 6’ tall and this seems like it would fit a lot better on a shorter person...anyone have this same issue? Does anyone know where to get a taller version? I think it will look ok with my dress because it’s a ball gown but it just feels like it hits too high...


  • Neffe
    Master July 2020
    Neffe ·

    Hi Miranda! I'm sorry you're experiencing this! Have you considered looking into a local seamstress or bridal shop who could potentially help to customize something for you? In addition, I would try visiting your local department stores to speak with their alterations department; they usually are able to provide you with good suggestions! I think it would be better to go this route then order something offline to ensure more accuracy! I hope you're able to find a solution!! Hang in there!

  • M
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    Melissa ·

    I'm 5'8, not super tall but whenever I wear a heel over two inches people always comment on my height lol.

    Anyways, I use to work in bridal. Try searching for keywords like "extra length". Sometimes torsolette's can be an acward length, especially if you have a longer torso like myself.

    I did a Google search... Nordstrom's rack and Bloomingdales actually had some great affordable options! Hope this helps

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