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Successful wedding week!

Brittany, on January 28, 2019 at 3:14 PM Posted in Planning 0 4
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In a previous post, I mentioned that we are buying a wedding planning definitely got put on hold for a minute. Last week we refocused on the wedding and marked off some major things! Did anyone else have a super successful wedding planning week/weekend last week?


-Had our details meeting with our venue/caterer. We finalized our menu, linen colors, and timeline with them. We also got to nail down the price per person guest so we could update our spending tracker a bit.

-Had our first dance lessons. We were both very nervous about how it would go even though his brother is the one teaching us. We had a blast and his brother wrapped up with "well you aren't as horrible as I thought you would be." So we'll call that a win.

- Touched base with our photographer to make some tweaks to her timeline after meeting with the venue

- Had my first alterations appointment. I'm so pleased with the seamstress I'm working with and alterations are less expensive than I thought! I'm looking at roughly $560 for purchase price of dress, belt, and alterations- bringing me $940 UNDER budget!

In case anyone was curious about our menu, let me just say...I. Am. So. Excited. We're doing a Sunday brunch so we knew we had to make it good. We're going to have an omelet station, scrambled eggs for those who don't like omelets, biscuits & sausage gravy, jams & jellies, breakfast meats, hashbrown casserole, fresh fruit, chicken tenders for the kids, coffee & juices, and a full bar featuring Bloody Mary's and mimosas, donuts & cake.


  • Alyssa
    Master December 2019
    Alyssa ·
    Oh my God your menu sounds so good I’m doing a brunch too and I love breakfast food so much! Congratulations on a great week of getting stuff done
  • Rebecca
    Master October 2025
    Rebecca ·

    Can I come to your wedding, Brittany?! The food sounds amazing!! You really did get a ton of wedding tasks done!! It must feel so good to cross more things off your to-do list!!

  • Brittany
    Expert May 2019
    Brittany ·
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    Thank you! FH started adding stuff (omelet station) without asking about the price and I had to reign that in pretty quickly lol.

  • Brittany
    Expert May 2019
    Brittany ·
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    Lol, thank you! I love being able to mark things off a list.

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