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Mrs. Nichole Winn, on June 14, 2018 at 3:29 AM Posted in Community Conversations

Currently at 49's what I'm dealing with:

-An uncle who doesn't want to attend without his stepdaughter whom we do not know.

-A bridesmaid whose boyfriend isn't invited because he is not wanted there by anyone

-People asking why others aren't invited

-Finding time to sleep

-Finishing up everything else for the wedding

Trying to not let stupid things get to me, because ultimately its about my FH and I. And I honestly can't wait until August 3rd. I'm so excited! Hopefully you all are fighting through the silly stuff and focusing on the main goal. Marrying your best friend!!



  • KiwiDerbyBride
    Super May 2015
    KiwiDerbyBride ·
    Regardless of no one wanting him there, your bridesmaid’s boyfriend should be invited. You’re asking her to celebrate your relationship while disrespecting hers.
  • Mrs. Nichole Winn
    Savvy August 2018
    Mrs. Nichole Winn ·
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    You don't know the back story. He's a disgusting person who went to jail for something that I cannot stand behind. My FH and I only want people there that we want. It's not about whether she gets a plus one or not.

  • V
    Beginner August 2018
    Vicki ·
    At the end of the day it's your wedding and if you don't want people there then that's down to you and people should respect that. As for people who choose not to come then that's their problem and will end up regretting it later on. just focus on your wedding and enjoy it. xx
  • Disneysue
    Devoted September 2018
    Disneysue ·
    Simple answers to why people aren't invited:
    1) Because you & FH made the guest list and it does not include everyone you've ever met.
    2)Not in the budget
    3)Because. That's it.
    I hope you're able to take a breath and enjoy. Start deferring all questions to MOH 🤣
  • Mrs. Nichole Winn
    Savvy August 2018
    Mrs. Nichole Winn ·
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    What I told a coworker today, "Don't worry, thousands of others weren't invited. So don't feel left out."

    I'm definitely enjoying everything, there's just a bunch of b.s happening in the background. Like I said, I'm just excited for the day of. Everything that leads up to the "Big Day" is going to be stressful, but the day of, I can't wait! I'm going to let others freak out over things that are out of our control, and focus on getting down that isle.

  • KiwiDerbyBride
    Super May 2015
    KiwiDerbyBride ·
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    OK, that’s a fair call - that background makes a difference, it would have been useful to include that in your original post!

  • Mrs. Nichole Winn
    Savvy August 2018
    Mrs. Nichole Winn ·
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    It wasn’t exactly needed. My post wasn’t to highlight that. I was basically stating that if anyone else is going through difficult situations such as myself, that focusing on the main goal helps to not worry about stupid things such as that situation you “needed” to know about.

  • MrsV1027
    Rockstar October 2018
    MrsV1027 ·

    I feel like the guest list is one of the most stressful parts of wedding planning. No matter what you do there will always be that handful of people that are questioning it and making demands and trying to make you feel bad for not inviting certain people. The first time I got married most of my family was upset that they weren't invited despite them never caring about anything in my life. We had 2 weeks to plan the wedding and no budget to invite every aunt/uncle/cousin. It was frustrating that they were giving me crap about it but in the end I reminded myself that these are people I literally saw once a year for Christmas out of obligation and I wasn't obligated to go into deep debt just to invite them.

  • FutureMrsHarris18
    Expert July 2018
    FutureMrsHarris18 ·

    I told people that I had a budget to stick to. I placed people on a "standby" list. My choice. People understood. No one got a plus one to my wedding. I already have over 125 people. Not everyone is there for me and FH. If we don't know you sorry you aren't invited. At the end of the day we wanted people there at is for us. How can you be for us and you don't even know our name??? I'm 44 days out and have taken on the slight bridezilla - "I don't care, people will get over it" attitude. Try not to stress out (easier said than done)!!

  • K8F1998
    Savvy June 2018
    K8F1998 ·
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    Edit: okay this makes sense.

  • Allie
    Super September 2018
    Allie ·

    I totally get the stress girl! Honestly im at the point where i cant let opinions bother me.. if you made a decision then stick with it!

  • Future Mrs. H
    Rockstar September 2019
    Future Mrs. H ·

    Guest lists are definitely one of the most stressful parts of planning... one of my first posts ever on WW was about strained relationships between my mother and father's sides.

    Clearly, it doesn't get any easier the deeper you get into planning, so I love the attitude/approach you've taken!

    Try not to let these things stress you out. At the end of the day, the guests giving you issues are just a few out of the many guests that are excited to celebrate your day!

  • Slightly Off-Center
    Dedicated September 2019
    Slightly Off-Center ·

    I've definitely caved on part of my guest list. But it's so deeply something I do not want that I am being pressured to do that for everything else I am happy to get to say "You chose a hill to die on. Your opinion no longer matters to me. " They picked their battle, they got to win it, and now I no longer care what they think about anything.

  • FutureMrsD
    Rockstar July 2019
    FutureMrsD ·

    I'm sorry you are dealing with all that, but I'm sure it will all be worth it! Congratulations!

  • S
    Dedicated April 2019
    Sully ·

    Guest list is definitely the worst part of planning for me. I have too many people and I have to figure out who to cut. On top of that my FH is adamant about me not inviting one of my friends I've known since college because we found out she was talking about me behind my back because she was jealous that I got engaged and she was still single. Since it was hearsay I wanted to take it with a grain of salt, but FH does not want her there if she's going to be that kind of friend when I have so many other friends on the list that might get cut. I also hate the whole people should be given a plus one if they are dating someone. I don't want to give a spot to someone I've never met who might be someone's flavor of the month when I have actual friends who could take that seat.

  • Mrs. Fall Bride
    Master October 2016
    Mrs. Fall Bride ·
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    It's actually very relevant because that's the only circumstance under which it's acceptable to not include the SO of a wedding party member. Adding that to the OP would've helped you avoid comments you feel are detracting from the purpose of your post.

  • S
    Just Said Yes September 2018
    Shennan ·

    This is your day and you have the right to invite whomever you want. For my wedding if people are not engaged or married they can not bring a plus one. We are having a seated dinner and are paying per person so I am not letting anyone bring a random person to my wedding.

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