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South/Central America Honeymoon

Shannon Marie, on March 22, 2017 at 8:13 PM Posted in Honeymoon 0 6
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Any gals past or present with a South/Central America honeymoon? We are wanting to check out Peru and Costa Rica. If so, any tips?!

Thank you!


  • GymRat
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    GymRat ·

    I'm currently exploring Costa Rica. Secrets, adults-only, all- inclusive resort.

  • EngineerInLove
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    EngineerInLove ·

    Not on honeymoon, but I LOVE Costa Rica, that's where FH proposed. If you're looking for all inclusive, there's more options in the Pacific Coast near Tamarindo/Guanacaste.

    ETA: La Fortuna is also gorgeous with the volcano and rainforests, there's lots of hotels with natural springs like Tabacon.

  • Shannon Marie
    Devoted July 2017
    Shannon Marie ·

    Thank you gals so much!

  • na&na
    Super November 2017
    na&na ·

    If you're thinking about going to the beach, I recommend San Andres, Colombia (beautiful Island, try to go to Decameron El Isleño hotel, we went there this February - pic here) and it was AMAZING, we fell in love with this Island!. Personally, FH and I have our hearts set on going waaaay south, to Ushuaia, Argentina (known as "the end of the world" since it's truly the last city on the continent), it has obviously a cold weather, and that's one of the main reasons we want to go (we have an extremely tropical weather)

  • found my prince
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    found my prince ·

    I haven't been to Peru for Costa Rica is beautiful!! Check out the Rio Celeste!! It's amazing it's actually blue caused by 2 streams coming together which they each have different properties that when they mix it turns the water blue!! It's in the middle of the rain forest and you need to hike I suggest hiring a guide which is what we did!!

    We also rented a treehouse on the beach in Samara beach!!

    There are tons of mosquitoes though I came back with 30 bite on my leg! LOL

  • Kashawn
    Super March 2017
    Kashawn ·

    I love Costa Rica!!! Out of all of the places I've traveled to, it's definitely in my top 3!!! It's so beautiful out there, so much to do and everyone is so friendly!!!

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