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South New Zealand Honeymoon

Future Mrs. Schopf, on June 18, 2015 at 5:55 PM Posted in Honeymoon 0 4
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FH and I decided on South New Zealand adventure honeymoon! I have no idea where to start. Wondering if I should get a travel agent. I planned our 3 week engagementcation (yes, I just made up a word) last year when we went to Europe. It was super time consuming but easy and I know I saved us a lot of money. We used airbnb, I searched hours for the all the right deals, etc. So I'm wondering if I should do that again or if a bigger trip with nicer hotels, like our honeymoon will be, is better to do with a travel agent. Do you guys think I will end up spending a lot more money through a travel agent or? Anyone have any recommendations on a travel agent? Any advice would be great. Thank you!


  • Mrs. P
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    Mrs. P ·

    First, the South island of New Zealand is fabulous- it's where FH and I met :-D (we were studying abroad on the same program). Honestly in the south island there aren't a ton of really nice hotels, and the fun places are the small bed and breakfasts. I couch surfed a lot and everyone was super hospitable so Airbnbs would work well. The only reason I might suggest a travel agent is because they might be able to tell you about places you didn't know to go, since every place is so small and there are really only a couple of tourist destinations. I'll try to think of some of our favorite places and update this!

  • MrsMorales
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    I really don't think New Zealand is a great honeymoon location unless you're really into outdoor sports like rafting or snow boarding. Its not much on luxury hotels and resorts-- much more of backpackers country. On the North Island, Auckland is a large metropolitan city like any other. There was a thread about the topic of New Zealand for honeymooners yesterday that you might want to check out.

  • Mrs.T
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    There are some really nice boutique lodges in NZ. Check out http://www.lodgesofnz.co.nz/.

    You will need a rental car... don't forget we drive on the other side of the road!

    I recommend flying into Christchurch then mapping a route looping pretty much the whole island.


    Marlborough Sounds


    Abel Tasman Park

    Down the west coast

    Fox Glacier

    Franz Josef Glacier

    Through Haast to Wanaka


    Te Anau

    Milford Sound

    Back up to Queenstown



    Mt Cook

    Back to CHCH

    The beauty of having an RV is you can decide as you go how long you want to stay somewhere. It is a SUPER popular thing for tourists there, you will see hundreds of them, and there are beautiful places to park every night.

    If you are dead set on hotels I would say choose a few from that website above, then do a few cheaper motel nights.

    You will need about 2-3 weeks.

    Hope that helps

  • Mrs.T
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    Mrs.T ·

    Holy crap just realized how expensive some of those places are! Here are a few more nice ones that aren't going to send you broke. I have stayed at Furneaux and it was beautiful!

    Mt Cook Retreat

    Peppers bluewater

    Furneaux Lodge

    Also this is my friend's parents house, the master bedroom has amazing views, and Tony and Anne are really nice


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