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Slight Dilemma? Or stressed and overthinking?

Rebecca, on June 13, 2018 at 11:41 PM Posted in Planning

Okay so I HAD a date and a venue but long story short they overbooked and I have to find somewhere else or change the date. We really liked the date so we were looking at our other option for venues. I love it, its super fancy and classy, but I'm worried that the neutral greens of the venue will clash with the colors I am wanting for my venue... Please help I need opinions. I can't tell if it really looks off and not good or if I am just stressed and overthinking because I had my heart set on the other place.

And just for clarification we have family already booking flights for the previous dates so just changing it isn't that easy...

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  • Mrs. Rose To Be
    Expert June 2019
    Mrs. Rose To Be ·
    This won’t clash at all! From the photos it looks like literally any color scheme will work if you dress it up the right way. I’m sorry your first venue bailed, I went through something similar. I know how hard it can be. But this venue is gorgeous and it looks perfect. Congrats! xx
  • M
    Devoted September 2020
    Mona ·
    See it as a blessing in disguise... keep your date... beautiful venue.
  • muriel
    Champion June 2018
    muriel ·

    The whole idea and definition of neutrals is that they go with anything. Your venue is neutral.It is a perfect backdrop for your color palette.

  • S
    Just Said Yes September 2018
    Shabeela ·
    Will not clash at all. Go for it. These colors will pop nicely. Good luck!
  • AQuixoticBride
    Rockstar July 2018
    AQuixoticBride ·

    I agree that the venue is pretty neutral, so your colors will fit right in. I really like the color palette you chose!

  • E
    Super June 2018
    Erica ·
    Beautiful, your colors will pop! Go for it. Keep your date!
  • Tpatb
    Master August 2019
    Tpatb ·
    I think it’s just hard to picture it now, but I can totally see this working! It’s going to be beautiful 😊 just don’t overdo it
  • Kiwibride
    Super November 2018
    Kiwibride ·
    Looks beautiful
  • A
    Dedicated August 2018
    Ashley ·
    I think it will be beautiful!
  • Tara
    Master September 2018
    Tara ·
    So gorgeous it will look great!
  • Janel
    Super September 2018
    Janel ·
    Love your colors and I think it will look beautiful
  • Kimberly
    Expert May 2018
    Kimberly ·
    Beautiful grand venue!!! Your colors are beautiful too and will be fine!
  • S
    Super May 2019
    Soon2bMrsP ·

    That picture is breathtaking, is that the current venue or the new venue? I pray that you're able to find something for the same date. You should have plenty of time. What state are you in?

  • FutureMrsHarris18
    Expert July 2018
    FutureMrsHarris18 ·

    Beautiful venue... It won't clash at all. Don't know what the previous looked like but this place is beautiful. By it being neutral it will go with any color.

  • M
    Dedicated June 2017
    Monica ·
    Beautiful venue, great color palette. I don’t think it will clash at all! Your venue looks exactly like a country club we have here in North Carolina, If it’s anything like that country club, it will be beautiful with fabulous service!
  • Allie
    Super September 2018
    Allie ·

    I like it! A lot! I think you may just be stressin out! So nothing feels right! This is going to be gorgeous girl! No stress!

  • MrsV1027
    Rockstar October 2018
    MrsV1027 ·

    I think the colors will look great!

    Your family sure are planners lol. It's super early to be booking flights for any dates in 2019

  • Mrs. Fall Bride
    Master October 2016
    Mrs. Fall Bride ·

    I'd pick the venue over a particular date 10/10 times. Why not just change the date if you love the venue so much? Any date you pick will be special because it's now the date you get married.

  • Rebecca
    Devoted May 2019
    Rebecca Online ·
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    HAHAHA YES Prestonwood County Club in Raleigh NC!

  • Lexi
    Dedicated September 2018
    Lexi ·

    I think the venue and colors are gorgeous. there's enough neutrals in the venue that I don't think it will clash at all! So sorry to hear about the venue mishap. Keep your head up, you're going to have a beautiful day!

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