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Shower Question

Chrissy, on August 15, 2013 at 10:05 PM Posted in Planning 0 12
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My mom asked me to get feedback from you all... haha

She is worrying about the wedding shower. We live in Texas, but the wedding and both families are in Ohio. Plane tickets are outrageous right now, often over $400. I'll be home twice before Christmas for my BFFs' weddings and then hopefully at Christmas. The goal is to have most everything set with vendors by then, and any last details can be done via phone or Skype.

Here's the dilemma, what do we do for a shower? Money is tight and we don't know if we can afford/if it's worth it to fly home in the spring for a shower, but we both (especially my mom) want to do one. We discussed maybe doing a couples shower/engagement part the weekend after Christmas, but we're afraid it's too early. Plus there are scheduling around Christmas challenges, and the real possibility of a snow storm ruining the event. Anyone facing similar issues? Any thoughts you all have as a bride and/or guest? Feedback is much appreciated.


  • F
    VIP May 2014
    FutureMrs.Combs ·

    Maybe, you could try doing one when you come home for Christmas. That way, people don't have to worry about plane tickets.

  • OhHeyItsIna
    Master November 2014
    OhHeyItsIna ·

    Mine is supposed to be a surprise, probably when I visit home next.

  • Renee2014
    Super April 2014
    Renee2014 ·

    I live in Ohio with my family living all over the place. We are also getting married in WV so everyone has to travel. We are having a couples shower 7 months early with just my family. This way travel expenses are spread out. I say don't worry about how early it is. Around Christmas might be a good time because people should understand why it's then and most people will already be in the same area.

  • kahlcara
    Master August 2013
    kahlcara ·

    My mom threw me a surprise shower when I was home in March. I think it would be fine to do it one of the times that you are home earlier. As long as it's not like, Christmas Day I think it would be fine to do it then.

  • Chrissy
    Expert June 2014
    Chrissy ·

    If I do it at Christmas, would you call it a shower, or brand it as something else?

  • Renee2014
    Super April 2014
    Renee2014 ·

    I would still call it a shower!

  • Mrs.Penn
    Expert June 2014
    Mrs.Penn ·

    Hey date twin!

    If you want everyone there i would definetly do it during christmas.

    Mine is a surprise too so i have no clue when that is happening lol

  • Rebecca
    Super December 2013
    Rebecca ·

    I'm not going to be home for the wedding until about 10 days before. Apparently I'm getting a shower and a bachelorette party in that week before the wedding, even though it's around Christmas and I think it's slightly silly having a shower so close to the wedding. I would say it's fine to do it that far in advance, and fine to call it a shower over Christmas as long as the scheduling works out for people.

  • FutureMrsL
    Master July 2014
    FutureMrsL ·

    I would try to do the shower at Christmas and it would be called a shower! People will definitely understand your situation and why it's that far in advance. You are an engaged girl, so you get a shower!

  • Now mrs. K
    VIP June 2013
    Now mrs. K ·

    Just a thought. A bride on here a while ago lived away from everyone in her family and did an online shower where everyone sent the gifts to her place and they did a Skype/teleconference thing. It's not ideal but worst case scenario you could do something like that

  • Chrissy
    Expert June 2014
    Chrissy ·

    Thanks for the additional thoughts! I think we are doing it at Christmas, like the weekend after, and a shower it will be. I was feeling a bit bummed that I might miss out on this, so I'm thankful to have found an option that seems to work.

  • HalloweenBride
    Master October 2013
    HalloweenBride ·

    I would do it when you're home for Christmas, family and friends who want to go will be there, and they'll understand. It's not too early to have it due to your situation, but I'd send out invites soon, so people can plan for it around family gatherings!

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