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Show me your fur baby! (it has been awhile and I love seeing the pets!)

Mrs.Matthews, on May 6, 2014 at 9:25 AM

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Here are a couple pictures of my baby, lets see yours!

Here are a couple pictures of my baby, lets see yours!


  • **Mrs.Smedstad
    Super October 2014
    **Mrs.Smedstad ·

    Picture 1 - the big orange/tan cat is Charlie. He was my best friend for 8 years. A couple weeks ago he was put down because he had cancer and it was getting the best of him. The white and orange cat is Murphy. He is a butt head lol. We got him as a kitten a couple years ago and he bonded with my FH so that is his cat. But he will snuggle with me. Also there's my daughter lol

    Picture 2 - A week ago we took in three 4 week old kittens who lost their mother. I'm taking care of them, but will not be keeping them all.

    Picture 3 - 1 of the 3 kittens who became my buddy right away! His name is Clyde.

  • Kaytee
    Dedicated August 2014
    Kaytee ·

    LOVE my babies!

    pic 1 is Tails

    pic 2 is Buster (and she is a girl lol)

  • Abby
    VIP May 2014
    Abby ·

    Here is KIllian jean the barking machine! I love him to pieces!!!

  • Pamela Anne
    Super July 2014
    Pamela Anne ·

    @Ashlee: Thank you for checking up on us. We're still broken, but at least our remaining puppy is recovering. He's starting to eat again and he's starting to run around a little bit.

    One of our groomsmen knows a breeder and the two of them felt so bad for us that they're giving us a yorkie they have (around the same age) completely a donation to help our remaining puppy. Definitely restores faith in the goodness of people.

    Shockingly, since we were grieving in private and not talking about what happened, the lady who ran over our dog took advantage and told everyone her sob story and made herself the victim. The whole neighbourhood was shocked to hear that FH, puppy, and I were sad at all (just because we don't talk to everyone about our emotions) and one of them even though we received adequate monetary compensation! As if there's a price on our departed puppy's life and her pain and suffering in death!

  • Future Mrs.Donnelly
    Savvy January 2015
    Future Mrs.Donnelly ·

    My baby Bella she hates pictures

  • C
    Master June 2015
    ChampagneDream ·

    My golden girl Piper!!!

  • Tiki Bird
    Expert May 2016
    Tiki Bird ·

    Here's my Heidi girl. She's a German shepherd/husky mix, and she's turning 13 this year.

  • A
    VIP March 2015
    Amanda ·

    This is my pup Elwood! This picture is from the first day we got him.

  • Mrs. Laura H.
    Super June 2014
    Mrs. Laura H. ·

    Our dwarf hamster, Wicket. We're going to adopt a rescue pup after the wedding.

  • mrsaj2b
    Master October 2019
    mrsaj2b ·

    Here you go.

  • Angela
    Expert June 2014
    Angela ·

    Omgosh ! i love looking at everyones babies. so stinkin cute.

    This is my little girl , Lexi! she thinks shes a model.

  • Sarah
    Super August 2014
    Sarah ·

    I can't post pics from my phone but it's my fur baby kitty's birthday today and he is 4!

  • KarenM
    Master November 2014
    KarenM ·

    Agnes in the laundry basket. She's our little girl, always.

  • futuremrsadams2014
    VIP May 2015
    futuremrsadams2014 ·

    This is my shitzu Sebastian, he's a mess but I love him.

  • Heather A
    Master September 2014
    Heather A ·

    In addition to sunshines shout out to everyone who adopted their pets. I love all of you that have some sort of pit mix. The amount of them that get put down every year makes me sick.

    Ladies with horses, how hard is it to own a horse? I've never had a large farm animal but FH says I can get one someday.

  • 2d Bride
    Master October 2009
    2d Bride ·

    1. Before shaving.

    2. Looking resentful after shaving.

    3. Bouncing around the back yard, after realizing that shaving eliminated irritating mats and enabled her to see better, hear better, and carry less weight.

  • Liana
    VIP November 2014
    Liana ·

    My baby Oscar! I am obsessed with him.

  • Y
    Super October 2014
    Yancie ·

    Oh my how cute. I love all of you guys babies. I have 2 and I dont know how to post with pictures. Sorry guys. I spoil my babies a lot.

  • Jessica
    Savvy March 2015
    Jessica ·

    This is my baby Bailey..Awww...munchkin!!!!!

  • Ashlee
    VIP October 2014
    Ashlee ·

    @pamela ann wow that is just horrible. No money would ever ever replace her or be able to compensate for the life of your baby. Ugh what a freaking bitch!!!!!!!! ic annot believe she is acting like that i really would not be able to hold back i would have killed her!!!!!! That is just awesome that a friend is doing that for you, your FH and your other baby. Im so happy that hes starting to eat again. Dogs grieve just like we do and its just so sad to see them grieving too. expecially when your in so much pain but have to be strong for him. just a horrible horrible horrible and so beyond sad situation. im here for you girl, my babies r my life!! if you ever need to vent or talk just pm im here to listen! stay strong girly {{{{{hugs}}}}}}

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