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should i update our wedding registry

Allison, on March 15, 2013 at 6:07 PM Posted in Married Life 0 12
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First of all i am asking on our wedding registry we did bed bath and beyond. we registed for a lot of bedding stuff and most of it you cant get anymore and they are coming out with new stuff, same thing with cooking utensils. what would you do? would you update or leave it the way it is,


  • Desiree
    Master August 2013
    Desiree ·

    Are you already married? What do you still need the registry for?

  • Allison
    Expert June 2012
    Allison ·

    Yes i am married and maybe for birthdays, anniversaries, house warming gifts maybe

  • Christine
    VIP September 2013
    Christine ·

    I don't see the point in it once your married. I think after a certain age your parents buy you gifts for birthday but I don't think I'd need a registry for that. I plan on deleting mine after the wedding.

  • Just Reenski
    Master December 2012
    Just Reenski ·

    Um, I don't know that people would look at your wedding registry for other gifts. If you are buying a home, BB&B had housewarming registries you can share.

  • krisalicious
    Master April 2012
    krisalicious ·

    I would never think to look at someone's wedding registry after the fact for birthday/holiday gift ideas. Before the wedding, definitely, not after though. We got married in April last year and we still got gifts after the fact but those were mostly gift cards or things off-registry.

    I would probably just delete it. You can always set up an Amazon wish list using the Universal button and add things from BBB or wherever, if your family does things that way.

  • Celia Milton
    August 2019
    Celia Milton ·

    Don't bother.

  • Lucky me
    Master June 2013
    Lucky me ·

    Yeah unless you tell me you have a registry I wouldn't think to look at your registry. Make a wish list if you really want, maybe let you mom know about it or DH.

  • Williams10-11-12
    VIP October 2014
    Williams10-11-12 ·

    I wouldn't bother but like my hubby and i are doing a small one for our next wedding cause we got married at the court house and some people asked us to do it

  • M2H
    Master September 2013
    M2H ·

    Really no need to update it after your married. If you have the available income see how long after your wedding date BB&B will let you purchase teh final items on your registry for the discount. I remember they told be so much time after the wedding you can get everything not purchased for so much % off. Other than that, no need.

  • Combay
    Master April 2013
    Combay ·

    You could always just do a wishlist on Amazon or most company's site. And then if someone (family or friend) asks what you would like for an occasion, then you can point them to that list. FH and I have individual lists we do for that bdays and holidays.

  • krisalicious
    Master April 2012
    krisalicious ·

    Re: the completion discount - I'd skip it and see how many of those 20% off coupons you can hoard!

    If it's a bunch of little things and your completion discount is technically expired, you can always ask if they'll still honor it anyway. C&B still gives us 10% off pretty much everything nearly a year later.

  • Allison
    Expert June 2012
    Allison ·

    i think that i am just going to leave our registry's alone. i also love getting the 20% and the $5.00 dollars off

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