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Alyssa, on January 11, 2019 at 7:15 PM Posted in Wedding Attire 0 36
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Pick your favorite shoe to go with my dress? I’m having a difficult deciding which one i like most!

shoes 1

shoes 2

shoes 3

shoes 4

shoes 5


  • Tamara
    VIP August 2019
    Tamara ·

    #1 with the bling and #2 as a runner up.

  • Janine
    Just Said Yes March 2019
    Janine ·
    #2. #1’s a little too much bling for my taste
  • earias
    Champion December 2017
    earias ·

    I like #1 the best because of the style plus it looks like it would be more comfortable to wear than the other options. It is a lot of bling though. I'm not a fan of the lace on option #2 because it seems to compete with your lace wedding dress plus the tie around the ankle seems uncomfortable. Option #3 is pretty but it seems uncomfortable plus I'm not sure the style goes as well with your dress.

  • P
    Dedicated September 2020
    Paulette ·
    Number one. Btw your dress is beautiful!!!! Go with what you will be comfortable in and be able to have a good time in!
  • Jeanelle
    Super September 2018
    Jeanelle ·

    I prefer #2 as well, a bit understated, complements your dress, and you can wear again! Furthermore, I feel like it would get caught on the lace a lot less than the other options.

    If you can, try on all three with your dress, and make sure they're comfortable to walk in all day!

  • MaryJo
    Just Said Yes July 2020
    MaryJo ·
    I think the 2nd shoe matches your dress wonderfully! You look beautiful in your dress!!
  • SummerBrideInAutumn
    Rockstar October 2019
    SummerBrideInAutumn ·
    Your dress is amazing! The off-the-shoulder lace neckline is similar to mine. I like shoe #1 the best, as long as you are ok with a bit of bling.
  • Victoria
    VIP October 2018
    Victoria ·
    I love #2! It's a more delicate look and the lace would look beautiful with your gown! I feel like #1 is too much bling and may get caught on your dress and #3 just doesn't do it for me.
  • Peggy
    Master November 2019
    Peggy ·
    I vote for #1
  • Laura
    Rockstar October 2019
    Laura ·

    I love the third one a lot!

    Your dress is STUNNING

  • Erica
    Beginner March 2020
    Erica ·
    I also vote #1 but they’re all lovely!
  • Destiny
    VIP May 2020
    Destiny ·
    I vote #3 where did u find those at?
  • Joann
    Devoted June 2019
    Joann ·
    I vote for the number #1 shoe is so beautifull
  • Pirate & 60s Bride
    Champion March 2017
    Pirate & 60s Bride ·

    #1 or #2 but really pick the most comfy. Nobody will notice your shoes and you may only have what, one or two photos of you putting them on? Be comfy.

  • Deborah
    Dedicated February 2022
    Deborah ·
    You’re dress looks amazing on you!!! I like all the shoes but I love #3 it’s spicy. It’s different than the normal shoe and to me has a natural sex appeal. That ankle strap is everything
  • Augusta
    Dedicated February 2020
    Augusta ·
    First of all- I love them all! The first one is a win for me!
  • Ania
    Devoted March 2020
    Ania ·
    I love #1 and #2, but I think #2 will work best with your dress.
  • sandl
    Dedicated April 2019
    sandl ·
    Okay first lets point out that you look BEAUTIFUL! Your gorgeous & your dress is just WOW! Lol. At first it was hard to choose bc they are all so cute! Haha. After taking a closer look I’d go with photo #2 bc the texture matches your dress & looks the most comfortable. Lol. Hope that helps! Good luck (:
  • Malki
    Devoted November 2019
    Malki ·
    I like #1 the best
  • Alyssa
    Devoted May 2019
    Alyssa ·
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    Thank you❤️😭❤️

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