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Share your rehearsal outfit

Miss S., on April 5, 2014 at 12:21 PM Posted in Wedding Attire 0 14
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I haven't bought the dress yet but this is the one I have my eye on for the rehearsal and dinner. Already saw cute cork wedges at DSW that would be perfect with the dress.

Share your rehearsal outfit


  • mscountry
    Master July 2014
    mscountry ·

    I am torn between these 3. I know the third is not what most would pick but I love it.

  • CeCe
    Master May 2014
    CeCe ·

    Mrscountrylace - I'm wearing your dress #2 at my rehearsal! I bought a black lace slip and I'm wearing black cowboy boots with it. It's adorable!

  • Lacey
    Master May 2014
    Lacey ·

    Here's mine!

  • mscountry
    Master July 2014
    mscountry ·

    CeCe I will probable wear cowboy boots too.

  • Clara
    Devoted May 2014
    Clara ·

    I had originally bought a different dress, but let's just say people may have though they were at a baby shower. Went and bought this last night, still navy and lace like I wanted. My shower is in 1 week!

    My bad, thought it said shower not rehersal!! Oh well, no idea what I'll wear to that one

  • HopeRebecca
    VIP October 2013
    HopeRebecca ·

    I don't have a picture on my phone but it was black and champagne lace, sleeveless so I wore a black cardigan and tights with it

  • Liana
    VIP November 2014
    Liana ·

    I just ordered a dress on Shop Bop...hopefully it works but I have plenty of time!

  • Mrs. Grissett-Johnson
    Super April 2014
    Mrs. Grissett-Johnson ·

    Oh SNAP! I didn't even think about this!

  • M
    Master August 2014
    Miss S. ·

    Love all the dresses Stephanie, you better get on it

  • Shannon A
    Master May 2014
    Shannon A ·

    Probably the dress i'm wearing in this pic. i'm finding it hard to justify buying a new dress just for the RD.

  • LillyBride
    VIP May 2014
    LillyBride ·

    I'll probably wear this, as it's already in my closet. Unless I find something new that I just must hve!

  • mscountry
    Master July 2014
    mscountry ·

    @Shannon A I am renting mine from rent the runway because I could see spending money on something I would not wear again and I have a $50 gift card for them.

  • heidi
    Super August 2014
    heidi ·


  • Wendy
    Super August 2014
    Wendy ·

    I wore this in my bf's wedding last year and haven't had an occasion to wear it again.

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