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Shadow Boxes

Amy, on February 12, 2019 at 9:41 PM Posted in Do It Yourself 0 3
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Any ideas on making/buying those double sided shadow boxes? I’m just looking for something to put on tables at the reception and have it visible from both sides. Even a thinner frame that can stand up straight and be visible both sides is fine. I’m good with building from scratch if need be. More simple would be to find as I need it or to find something unfinished and for me to finish.


  • Heather
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    Keep an eye on michaels and hobby lobby. They both have sales frequently on shadow boxes. Watch online so you can add a coupon and do in store pick up to save more
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  • Ashley
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    From working at Things Remembered I know they sometimes have sales on their older shadow boxes when they want to get rid of them, depending on the style and age I've seen some styles for $10 with another purchase. It might not be wedding themed but you could certainly customize it
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  • Jayla
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    Hey Amy! I would check craft stores like Hobby Lobby and Micheals! You could also check online at Etsy and Amazon. I don't think it would be hard to DIY them using pieces of wood and glass! It may take a few YouTube tutorials though lol! Have you thought about trying a yard sale or flea market?

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