Salt Covenant
Has anyone done this or plan to do this? I want to include our son. Is that ok? and if yeah does anyone have any ideas as to how to store the salt. I want all 3 of us yo have something to keep forever.

Thanks if this makes since if not let me know and i will try to clarify.

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Never heard of it. I've heard of a sand ceremony, but never salt anything.
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Jessica, the salt covenant I have says you should use the salt and then refill the container together. And yes, your son can put salt into the container during the ceremony.

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Hi Jessica ~ We did a Salt Covenant. You could incorporate your son into it, depending on how you do it and what it means to you. For us, a Salt Covenant had a religious aspect, and means it is unbreakable.

The pastor who married us had both of us pour a little salt into a dish, while he poured salt from a larger container into the same dish. My husband and I then dipped a piece of bread into the salt and ate it. When we were through, we poured the salt from the dish into the larger container. The picture shows how everything was set up: the larger, blue container (purchased on ebay!), the two smaller containers for my husband and me, the bread, and the small dish to pour the salt into:

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Thanks for the input guys. @Michele S. I am using it the same way as meaning unbreakable....I am going to include our son in it because I promise to each other affects him as well I am just making known to everyone that as a family unit we will never be broken!
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