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pro Bam!! Long time coming! Long and lots of Pictures September 21, 2018

Mrs.Sanok, on November 14, 2018 at 8:44 AM

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Finally, it is time to post my PRO BAM!! I am so excited to show you our perfect day and give you a break down of the whole thing! There was only a few little mix ups for the whole day. If there was anything else no one told me, and no one noticed. (This is going to be long and picture heavy!)...

Finally, it is time to post my PRO BAM!! I am so excited to show you our perfect day and give you a break down of the whole thing! There was only a few little mix ups for the whole day. If there was anything else no one told me, and no one noticed. (This is going to be long and picture heavy!)

Venue: We had our wedding at The Eagles Nest overlooking the mountains of the Hudson Valley. Now I am going to be really honest about the venue and my first thoughts. I did not want to have our wedding there. It is a typical wedding venue. I was looking at barns, and backyard type places and they seemed to be to pricey. So, my mom convinced me let’s just look and talk to them. It was the last venue we looked at and they had our date, so we booked it. I was not to happy we choose this place, but I do not know what I was thinking. I was silly to think there was any place BETTER then The Eagles Nest to have our wedding. The venue had everything we needed, and they went above and beyond it was amazing. Here is what they offered:

· Ceremony location

· Cocktail hour

· Reception location

· Catering

· DOC (Day of Coordinator)

· 5-hour top shelf open bar

· Cake made on Location

· Fire Pit (for after party)

· Cabins for our guest to rent in walking distance of the whole venue

· A free cabin for my Husband and I to sleep in

· Bridal room

· Breakfast the next morning, that anyone who stayed can enjoy

We got all that for $90.00 a plate. Which actually we saved $5.00 a plate because we had our wedding on a Friday. And The Eagle’s Nest really knows what they are doing. They were so helpful through out the whole planning process. Any question that I had in the year of us planning they answered right away or had a solution for us. The day before the wedding we had our rehearsal and brought all of our wedding decor for them to lay out the next day. We talked with Michael, the owner and the DOC about what to do with all the decor and where it should be laid out. So, when it came to our wedding day everything was already done for us. Everyone at The Eagle’s Nest set up all of our decor perfectly and just the way we wanted it.

Now there was one person at The Eagle’s Nest that was amazing, and everyone loved. Bobby! By the end of the night whenever Bobby came around, we would all greet him by screaming “BOBBY!!” We all loved him! He would just pop up by either my husband, me or anyone in our wedding party asking if we needed anything. He brought us food, or drinks whenever we needed! I have two examples that really stuck with me. Right after the ceremony, our bridal party ran off to get us drinks while we were doing the receiving line. Bobby came over asking if we needed drinks. Well we did not know he would ask so we sent out bridal party! Then I was in the bridal room where my sister was bustling my dress and he came over asking if I wanted anything from our mashed potato bar! O YES PLEASE! I was told a lot that I would not eat and enjoy our food on our wedding day, but that was not true at our venue. I ended up having to many appetizers that I was way to full to eat my dinner. Bobby also stayed during the after party and brought us whatever we needed till we all went to bed!

In the bridal room when we got to the venue there was champagne, and they just kept bringing a new bottle each time it was empty it was amazing.

Now for the one little oopies of the day. Bobby came to us and had us look at the reception area before they let everyone one in. First our centerpieces were set up perfectly and everything just came together, and I loved it. Now the one problem was the cake flowers we paid the florist for was not on the cake. I went ehh whatever the cake looks good. We left the room and I went and told my mom. She said nope we are saying something to Bobby, this is what we are paying them for. So, we found Bobby as he was just about to let people into the room. After we told him he closed the doors and said ok, let me figure out what happened and off he went. Next thing I know we are doing the whole reception thing and the flowers were now on the cake!

The next morning, they had eggs, pancakes, cereal, sausage, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and OJ. It was good, and it was a great way to end the wedding extravaganza! Also, the next morning, while packing up they had so much food for us. They packed up our leftover dinners, and any cakes that were left over from the desert table! Including the top of our wedding cake! We had so much leftover cake and food to bring home!

I really could go on and on and on about our venue, but that could be a whole post within itself! Our guests are still talking about how amazing the food was and how many different appetizers there was. Everyone had an amazing time and loved the food!

Now on to our amazing DJ! I give him 10 out of 5 stars. He kept our dance floored packed and was so helpful. We asked him to make a mash up of music for my mom, sister and my dance and he did an awesome job. He played the perfect music for the ceremony, cocktail hour and reception. He read the crowd well and our dance floor was packed all night. We even had to make one little change last minute, and it did it with ease. If you need a DJ in the Hudson Valley please us Much Music. He was absolutely the best!

Florist. The flowers were beautiful, and almost everything that I wanted. Just our flowers had roses, I am not a huge rose fan and wanted NO roses in our flowers. The communication with our florist was good at first then got scary. When we made an appointment to meet her again right before the wedding that is when it made us worry about what will happen on the wedding day. The first time we meet her we had our meeting at her house. So, when we talked about meeting again, I assumed it was at her house again. In our emails she never said that she would want to meet elsewhere. We get to her house, no one is home. I call her, and she said that she was almost there. About 20 minutes later she calls me back and tells me that she wanted to have our meeting at a Hotel that sometimes people overflow to from The Eagles Nest. Well we ended up meeting her later that day and at my mom’s house instead. After the meeting she said she would send me an updated bill and contact. Well it came to a week before the wedding and no contract. I called her she said she was sorry, and all our flowers were ordered and would send me the new contract. The day of, she was actually early showing up. She showed us everything that was going to our venue and left all the bouquets at my mom’s house, where we were getting ready. She said there was an extra boutineer just in case we forgot anyone. Which turned out the extra was for my FIL. His boutineer was marked in our contract. So, there should have been one more if she really made an extra in case we forgot. Also, our cake flowers were supposed to be little sunflowers, not mums. In the end all the flowers were beautiful, and everyone loved them. My mom also got a refund for the cake flowers and the boutineer because of all the craziness leading up to the day. Really everything turned out fine. I just do not think I would recommend her. Just because she was unorganized and very bad at communicating with us.

Last vendor but definitely not the least! Our photographer! Our photographer was Nicole Wren and she was fabulous! I am in love with our pictures and when I first saw our sneak peek, I wanted to cry I was so happy! She was so easy to work with. Nicole was organized and answered all of our question with ease during the whole wedding process. I am so happy we choose her to capture our wedding! So, if you are looking a photographer pick Nicole Wren. Her work is beautiful, and she is so easy to work with! I love her! (she does not have something on WW look on the Knot, her website or her Facebook!)

First look: DO IT! I am so happy we did. In the beginning I was not sure that we should, but I am so happy we decided to do it. We did our first look in the local library from my hometown. We did it there, so I could feel close to my dad. My dad passed away year and half before we got married. So, the meaning behind the library is, my dad was part of the Library committee. He was actually the Vice President of the committee. When he joined the committee, they started the plans to build a new library. He was part of the reason that Wurtsboro as a beautiful new Library! There is a plaque in the library with his name on it along with anyone else who was part of the new library. My dad was also speaking to us. The row we did our first look in had a picture of his and my favorite book The Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy and history books of his favorite Place Gettysburg.

Now back to the first look. It was perfect. It clamed me down from all the wedding jitters and reminded me why I was marrying my best friend. Plus, I got a sincerer reaction from my husband because not that many people were around watching us! I could not be happier that we did the first look! The last bonus was we got all our pictures done before the ceremony and got to hang out with everyone during cocktail hour!

I am not really a person who loves to be center of attention, so I was really nervous about having everyone stare at me. I remember turning the corner to walk down to the aisle and everyone was already looking in that direction, and my reaction was “O God” My mom laughed at that! But once I got to the aisle and saw the man that was about to be my husband everything just seemed to disappear. I almost felt that no one was around us and it was just me and my soon to be husband! It was magical.

We had an unplugged ceremony and there was only one person that had his phone out for a hot second and the was my FIL! Ugh, but really it was perfect. I love to look back at the pictures and see everyone just sitting and being in the moment. No phones, no ipads, no nothing. Just everyone that we love just enjoying our ceremony. It was beautiful!

My last little blurb on this essay is, just take a moment and sit back and soak everything in. Just take a moment step back and look at everything and everyone at your wedding. I did, and I am so happy I did. Everyone looked happy and like they were having a great time. When I took that moment to really let everything sink in it makes me teary eyed now. Just everyone we love and care about was there because they loved us too. The love that we felt that whole day was amazing. I wish I could go back and relive our perfect day!

Last problem was I forgot my inflatable T-Rex costume! But the day was still perfect!

Thank you for reading it all if you did! Now here are our pictures!!


  • HayMrsO
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    So beautiful! Looks like so many details went in to making your day special. I love how the photographer captured them all. Congratulations!

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  • Maggie
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    Maggie ·
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    Congratulations! Everything looks so beautiful send I love all the little details. I absolutely love that you took pictures in the library - such a great idea.
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  • Mrs.Sanok
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    Mrs.Sanok ·
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    Thank you! I think it was my favorite part of the whole day! Smiley heart

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  • Kelly
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    Kelly ·
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    Wow just wow, Mrs.Sanok!!! All of your photos are absolutely amazing, love all of the details of your wedding!! So glad to hear that the venue was amazing, they seem like awesome people to work with!! Love the touches of comic books in the photos, too cute!! You looked so beautiful, love your dress! Smiley love Thanks so much for sharing your breakdown and photos with us! Best wishes!! Smiley heart

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  • Mrs Atkins 3.2.19
    Dedicated March 2019
    Mrs Atkins 3.2.19 ·
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    Congratulations Mrs. Sanok!!! Your day turned out so beautiful! I'm So glad I saw @Kenisha's comment; I completely missed the shoe laces spelling out Love and had to scroll back up. Just adorable!!!

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  • Erin
    Devoted June 2019
    Erin ·
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    Your pictures are FANTASTIC! I loved every picture. Your unique touches are simply wonderful. You and and your husband look amazing and your photographer ... BRAVO! Smiley heart

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  • Mrs.Sanok
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    Mrs.Sanok ·
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    Than you! We worked really hard to make it our own and make sure everyone had fun!

    We absolutely love our Photographer! She is just amazing! Smiley heart

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