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Planning a wedding while going to college

StaciaPence, on February 23, 2009 at 10:18 AM Posted in Planning

My fiance proposed to me on Valentines Day this year. Bur I am worrying about money and time. I know I have all the time cause we set the date for May 14, 2011, so that I will be done with college when we get married. But both of us are procrastinators so we are trying to work out as much as we can now. Though being a full time student and not having a job, except in the summers, I am worrying about money. He is a welder supervisor so he has a stable job and makes good money I am just a worrywart. Any Ideas how to chill out?



  • Danielle
    Devoted July 2009
    Danielle ·

    I am in a similar situation. I was proposed to on New Years Eve of 2008. My wedding is July 3rd of this year. We were both still going to college whenever he proposed so it was a big worry of mine but he is graduated now and the one of us makeing real money lol I work but at a restaraunt and recently started picking up 5 days a week instead of 4 to try and help out. It will get very frustrating but maybe your parents would like to help a little? My mom and dad are helping alot with the wedding expenses but I have paid for some of it. If that isn't an option I'd still say you should be ok by 2011 just start saving what you can. Even change it really adds up you'd be suprised. Feel free to contact me if you have any more questions

  • Kim Moss
    May 2019
    Kim Moss ·

    Congratulations! How wonderful that you have your priorities straight - finishing school!! Your real focus is finishing school, you have plenty of time to plan your wedding. You can start as soon as exams are over this semester. It doesn't have to be stressful this early in the game. I agree with the July 2009 bride, saving change can be a huge help - get a bank that says "My Wedding" on it or just a big water jug and put the date on it and throw the spare change in it (dollars when you can). Make yourself a bill that you pay, take an entire year and a half to save, you'll have a nice bundle to pay for your cake, invitations, aisle runner, things like that which can add up quickly. If you're realistic (and it sounds like you are and no not a worry wart) then you can have a dream wedding without being broke. I'm happy to talk with you about what your vision is, my first consultation is free, so that's a savings right there!

  • V
    Just Said Yes June 2011
    Virgoblondie ·

    I know exactly how you feel! My fiance' proposed to me last Valentine's Day (2008) and I am waiting until I graduate which will be 2011 also. Josh and I have set up an account at the back and we are basically using it for our honeymoon because our parents will be helping as much as they can with the wedding but we will also be using our account for whatever they can't cover. I am totally not a procrastinator. I am already planning. We have picked out a lot of our songs, we know our colors, where the wedding and reception are; however I think that it is a good idea to buy a tote and buy small things like napkins or balloons and just start saving! You don't have to buy everything just little things here and there and get some of the stress out of the way so you don't have to worry about it later! Wedding planning should be fun! I am a full time student taking 15 hours and working about 30-35 so I do little things here and there so I won't be so stressed out later! Good luck planning!

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