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Places to get married!

Mackenzie, on August 16, 2018 at 3:34 PM Posted in Wedding Ceremony 0 7
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Hey y’all, my name is Mackenzie and I’m newly engaged! I’ve been looking at venues for a little bit but am having trouble finding something in my budget (under 5000). My wedding will have 150 so I’m looking for something that is a decent size, also somewhere I can have the reception at as well. If you have any ideas I would really appreciate it.

Ps im also trying to find a place that lets you bring in your own stuff.


  • JustKidding
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    JustKidding ·
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    It would help to know what city/state you are in.

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  • Mackenzie
    Beginner October 2020
    Mackenzie ·
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    I’m super sorry, I just realized that I didn’t put where I’m located! I live in Northern Colorado! But am willing to go anywhere in Colorado!
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  • Kelly
    Legend October 2022
    Kelly ·
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    Hi Mackenzie!! Congrats on your recent engagement! Are you looking for a certain type of venue or up for anything? I found a few venues that are within your price range and allow outside vendors, I'll link them below for you to look through!

    Cielo at Castle Pines

    Wedgewood Brittany Hill

    Hudson Gardens

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  • Rebecca
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    Rebecca ·
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    I have no advice about venues in Colorado and have not booked my venue yet either but getting married in the off-season is much cheaper and you may be able to afford venues you wouldn’t be able to during wedding season! We are getting married in March and everything is so much cheaper.
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  • Emily
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    Emily ·
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    Seconding this! My venue was 50% off in July (it's in SC so it'll be hot and probably rain but it's all indoors and my dream venue).
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  • BrandiWeds18
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    BrandiWeds18 ·
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    Have you checked the or ? Couple of sites that may give you some more options you didnt consider. I don't have any recommendations for your particular area but, many many sites to check can help you come across something you may haven't seen before. Also, do you have a caterer in mind? I found other venues that let you bring in your own things when i started searching through venues that locals caterers provided food too. Also community centers at parks/city hall, veteran halls, museums, restaurant private rooms, maybe have some renting options nearby.

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  • Tracey & Dr. Julian
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    Tracey & Dr. Julian ·
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    Where are you located, so we can give advices on places.
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