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Picking colors

Caitlin, on December 7, 2017 at 3:50 PM Posted in Style and Décor

How in the world do I pick my colors? I love the mocha colors but I also love light pink, but my FH wants purple and gold...not happening lol. There are so many colors to choose from idk what to pick!



  • BabsandBear
    Devoted October 2018
    BabsandBear ·

    Imo I think light pink and mocha is a good pairing. Maybe find some other colors that compliment them and make them seem more like a pairing.

  • Jurnee
    Expert May 2019
    Jurnee ·

    Light pink, mocha, and gold could work

  • Orchids
    Master March 2018
    Orchids ·

    I just asked FH since I didn't care. He said red and gold so I said ok!

  • V
    Savvy March 2018
    Victoria ·

    If your FH really wants purple, how about lavender accents with your light pink and mocha.

  • Jennifer
    Super May 2018
    Jennifer ·

    Mocha, soft gold or champagne and light pink would be beautiful!

  • Mrs. Fall Bride
    Master October 2016
    Mrs. Fall Bride ·

    I didn't know what colors I wanted, so I just started pinning things on Pinterest, then realized everything I pinned was white and gold, so that's what I went with.

  • Steph N.
    Super October 2018
    Steph N. Online ·

    I actually picked mine by looking at flowers. I found flower arrangements that I liked the colors of and based it on that.

    I think light pink and mocha would look very nice. Add some gold accents to give FH his gold. I think that would look very nice.

  • Mrs. Sitz
    Master July 2016
    Mrs. Sitz ·

    You could do mocha, pink and gold! I recommend looking at color pallettes on Pinterest!

  • Happy Hedgie
    VIP September 2018
    Happy Hedgie ·

    I think you should compromise with FH and include some of his colors too. Either mocha, pink and gold or maybe lavender and blush. IMHO I actually prefer FH idea and am not a big fan of mocha.

    Our colors are Navy, eggplant, ivory and gold. The night FH proposed I dreamt of him in a navy suit, I'd never really thought much of the wedding specifics before then but, as soon as I woke up I knew that was one of our colors. My dress is ivory so our linens will coordinate with that. I also wanted to include metallic accents and my dress has gold accents so that will work. I asked FH the other day what color my MOH should wear and he suggested a deep purple color. Boom! We found our colors.

  • Ks_catonlap
    Super October 2017
    Ks_catonlap ·

    I agree with the others that suggested light pink, mocha, and gold, or light pink, mocha, and a complimentary purple.

  • JerseyGirl
    Master May 2017
    JerseyGirl ·

    We did dark purple and orange. Our two favorite colors. Let him have a color lol

  • Jayme
    Super October 2017
    Jayme ·

    I think that mocha, gold, and light pink would be beautiful together. We did peacock colors. They incorporated all of our favorite colors.

  • C
    Dedicated June 2019
    Caitlin ·

    It's not that I don't like the purple, but he wants this to be a big LSU wedding and I feel this is our wedding day not an LSU Tigers celebration

  • Heather
    Expert March 2018
    Heather ·

    We talked about colors that we definitely did not want to have for our wedding. Then talked about colors that went well together we ended up picking silver grey ice blue with accents of black

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