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Outdoor Wedding Lighting

K.M., on December 6, 2017 at 5:22 PM Posted in Do It Yourself

My venue is pretty diy. My original plan was to have an outdoor ceremony by the lake (with an indoor back up plan of course) and then use the lodge for the reception including dancing. It will be a smaller wedding with no more than 50 people so am pretty confident that there would be enough space. The camp am using recently shared a photographer's blog post of a wedding from this past October at the camp. Using the trees and the outside of the lodge, the couple strung a bunch of lights and used that location as their dance floor. This is now making me re-think my plan. Between myself and both of my incredible DOCs, they think this won't be a problem at all especially since we won't need additional poles to hang up the lights. I'll attach my inspiration picture but I'm not even sure what lights should start buying. want to get a jump on this since lights will likely go on sale right before or after Christmas. Any advice on how to go about this or what lights would be best?



  • Jen
    Dedicated November 2018
    Jen ·

    Look at festoons aka "party lights" aka "market lights." They're pretty inexpensive on Amazon and you usually can also find them at hardware stores. They are usually weatherproof and they look really nice.

    You'll want to measure the area so you can be sure to get enough of them. Also, ask you venue about power. You may need to bring a few extension cords.

  • HowCo Industries
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    HowCo Industries ·

    They're super cheap, in the Christmas section, though! If you were lighting up you I'd say go led but for one night the incandescent are fine. The ones pictured are C7, I believe.

  • K.M.
    Master September 2018
    K.M. ·

    Thank you everyone for your suggestions!

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