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Outdoor/ Garden ceremony

Cindy, on October 26, 2010 at 2:44 PM Posted in Planning 0 8
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I'm having a semi-formal garden ceremony. I'm not sure how much or little to decorate the aisle and the arbor for the ceremony. I'd love to see some pics from brides who had a similar wedding!!!


  • Greyash
    Master March 2011
    Greyash ·

    Wow is that your venue? It's gorgeous!! I am having an outdoor wedding in a garden, and I'm don't plan on decorating anything except the aisle and maybe some kissing balls for color. Other than that, the area is so beautiful I wouldn't want to take away from that.

  • N
    Savvy February 2007
    NatCruz ·

    The pic you have looks great! You keep it simple. Maybe some pretty lanterns down the aisle with candles (but be careful of a blowing veil with that). Maybe a rose petal path to walk down. Many outdoor ceremonies don't need much decor because the venue itself is beautiful.

  • Cindy
    Devoted July 2011
    Cindy ·

    That is a pic of the venue! I fell in love with it at first sight! Here's another pic from farther down the "aisle"!

  • Mrs H.
    Master May 2011
    Mrs H. ·

    Couldn't resist! I just love this pic!

  • Konichiwa
    Master January 2010
    Konichiwa ·

    The great thing about a lovely outdoor venue such as yours is really you don't have to decorate a whole lot since it's naturally beautiful in itself. But a few touches here and there will dress it up for the wedding. I saw one bride on here with a cute way to mark the aisle, on either side of the aisle (by the chairs) there were sunflowers on the ground, just the head of the flower, with no stem. You could get a similar look with daisies also.

  • Edwina
    Master August 2011
    Edwina ·

    I just think that you should add some flowers to the arbor. The color from the flowers will give it the wow factor. It's nice now, but it's just so green.

  • Ms. Boop
    Super June 2012
    Ms. Boop ·

    I'm having an outdoor ceremony as well and I was thinking just some kind of flowers around the gazebo and maybe ivory sheer valance. Michelle S. that pic is BEAUTIFUL. I wonder if the flowers are meshed to the runner?

  • lisa
    VIP April 2011
    lisa ·

    This is all I want nothing else. Our venue is on the river so that background is perfect for me.

    I think flowers along the aisle would work for your too.

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