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NWR: What would you do with $150,000?

MrsButterflykisses, on August 6, 2015 at 6:37 AM Posted in Planning 0 71
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Just woke up from a dream where I won $150,000 at the casino (I don't even like gambling haha). Anyway, it had me thinking about what I would do with all that money. What would you do with all them dolla billz, yo? It can't be wedding related! Say you won it after the wedding.


  • MrsLaurenET
    Master September 2016
    MrsLaurenET ·

    Are you going to share???

    Two words... student loans.

  • Lucy
    Master April 2015
    Lucy ·

    Pay off all bills except mortgage, take a bomb ass vacation with the family, then save the rest.

  • MrsButterflykisses
    Expert April 2016
    MrsButterflykisses ·

    Share the dream or my plans? Lol cuz the dream was wild....ETA: there were naked people. And peeners O_O

  • MrsButterflykisses
    Expert April 2016
    MrsButterflykisses ·

    I would definitely take a month long trip somewhere all inclusive with great food and a beach. Then, FW and I would build our dream cottage-ish house and I'd buy my dream vintage punch-buggy. Then save some money away for the possibility of having a child.

  • Kristina
    Master September 2016
    Kristina ·

    Student loans and put a down payment on a house!

  • Jillian
    Master May 2015
    Jillian ·

    I would pay off my student loan and any other random debt I had and downpayment on a house. And then the rest in savings!

  • onawho
    VIP August 2015
    onawho ·

    Invest it to make more money. (the rational side of me) pay off student loans ( practical side of me). Go on holiday around Europe says the real me

  • MrsBest2B
    Master June 2016
    MrsBest2B ·

    Pay off student loans and buy a house with lots of land

  • FutureMrsChang
    VIP September 2015
    FutureMrsChang ·

    I was in a horrible accident when I was 18 and got $100k from the persons homeowners insurance I got hurt at. I got it in full about when I was 19. I bought 2 cars and everything a 19 year old could want. I did manage to save half of it, which I should have said ALL of it or just spent like 10k for a car and for fun stuff. I put it into a CD and now I have a huge savings. When our son was born I took some out to start an account for him (college tution and things in that nature). I am debt free, with about 6 CCs- I even got a VS CC! Lol. It feels really good to have that money put away. For our wedding someone told me instead of paying for our wedding with our recent earnings to pay with the money from the CD. I laughed in her face. We already have a home purchased and paid off thanks to FHs mom. So, I honestly don't touch it anymore. I think about using it for retirement and when our son and hopefully our other children we are hoping to have grow up, so they have college paid for and whatever they need help with. Mainly, between FH and my career we already know we will be able to retire comfortably, but with this money I know we will be able to retire living a dream! Traveling! My mom is proud how I handled all that money so young (welll maybe not the best because I could have saved most of it instead of spending half on crap I don't even have anymore). She has offered to help pay for our wedding. I think she is secretly scared I will touch that money for the wedding though. I haven't and our wedding is next month. We have our savings that haven't been touched and our wedding fund savings that has all the money we need- except for like 6k more, but I can just work over time or put it on a CC and pay it off within 2 months (that is how long it will take me to pay off that amount after we pay bills and stuff).

    I actually was told I should get a pre-nup, but I declined (that was drama, my dad was mad at me for a month). I mean it's not millions. Lol. I know it is still a lot, but I truly believe FH and I will be together forever.

    Only if I could go back and get that settlement again..... SIgh... Lol.

  • Sarah
    Master April 2017
    Sarah ·

    Pay off student and auto loans and put the rest toward our mortgage. I know it's boring, but it's what I'd do.

  • Celia Milton
    November 2019
    Celia Milton ·

    Every flavor of Joe Malone, two cases of Cristal and a CD......

  • S
    Super September 2015
    stephybear84 ·

    Deposit on house and vacation.

  • Elyse
    Master September 2015
    Elyse ·

    So boring. I'd pay off student loans and some straggling CC debt, put some away, and put a nice down payment on a house.

    FutureMrsChang, I'm lol-ing at the first thing you bought was two cars!

  • JaKLyn
    Master November 2015
    JaKLyn ·

    Pay off any debt we have, down payment on a house, take a great family vacation, then put the rest into a college fund.

  • Mrs. A & J
    Master December 2014
    Mrs. A & J ·

    Buy a house. Cash up front

  • Mrs. Nicole
    Master May 2016
    Mrs. Nicole ·

    All of my debt including mortgage is under 150k. So..I'd just throw it at that to make it all go away. And probably help my parents out.

  • E
    Master July 2015
    Emma ·

    Pay off all debt. A vacation. Down payment on a house and the rest in savings.

  • FutureMrsChang
    VIP September 2015
    FutureMrsChang ·

    Lol- well the first one was just a honda civic coupe and then I decided I wanted to be "fancier" dumbest thing ever. So, I leased a BMW about 3 months after buying the civic. I ended up giving my Civic to my sister when she got her license and graduated with honors from HS, so it was a good deed and she still has it!!! It was a 2004 in 2004, so even though it is like 10 years old it still looks nice! She kept it up It is very dangerous to give a 19 year old girl a large sum of money! Escpecially me! I used to be horrible with money, but having giving birth I realized I can't just shit away money!

  • Future Mrs Madison
    Expert December 2015
    Future Mrs Madison ·

    Quit my job and take a couple of classes that would help me start my own business. Maybe flip a house or 2. Put a couple of dollars on my student loans & other debt. I'm trying to turn that $150k to $500k then to $1mil.

  • Lauren73016
    Super July 2016
    Lauren73016 ·

    Pay off FH's student loans (I am lucky and don't have any myself), go on an amazing vacation to several spots around the world over maybe a month or so, and then invest the rest into my savings account and watch it (hopefully) grow!

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