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NWR--Hobbies you do together

Janeen, on September 29, 2014 at 9:21 AM Posted in Community Conversations 0 39
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I had a few hobbies I did on my own that my FH has picked up to do with me, and vice versa. I've been doing obstacle course races/mud runs for 4 years and my FH decided to do them with me starting this year. We travel around the country doing them. It certainly makes me a lot happier to have someone to talk to out there as I trudge along. We also travel around to various vineyards together. I'm *trying* to pick up more outdoorsy habits since that was one of his things, but it's a trying process.

What have you picked up from your soon-to-be spouse, vice versa, and what have you picked up together?


  • Genny
    Master May 2015
    Genny ·

    I played some video games on the console before we got together, but he played mostly on the computer. After a few years of being together I picked up a good computer to play games on and now we have our computers side by side to play when we have spare time. He picked up reading comic books from me.

    ETA: the last sentence wasn't right.

  • DisneyNut
    Master October 2014
    DisneyNut ·

    We enjoy our rock crawler (although it's actually how we met). We do also have remote control rock crawlers that we do together. We bought each other mountain bikes for wedding presents that we love riding together.

  • Rachey
    VIP June 2014
    Rachey ·

    He taught me how to play two on two beach volleyball a few years ago and now we play every weekend and some tournaments too!

  • N
    Master September 2014
    Now I'm Mrs_M ·

    We hunt, fish, hike, etc.

    When we were on our honeymoon, we went on a fishing charter, and went hiking. We found this beautiful little inland lake nestled between the mountains. Not to mention, found some sequoias too!

  • MelissaC
    Master January 2015
    MelissaC ·

    I now own my own kayak and go kayaking occasionally while he fishes. Before him, I'd rather just stay in bed all day (still would, but at least I go). He picked up video games from me. They give him a headache if he plays too long, but he'll still humor me and my competitive nature by playing.

  • P
    Devoted June 2015
    Private User ·

    My FH was into Aikido, a form of martial arts, when we first met. I used to go to his classes and watch him practice. After about half a year I joined in too. Now he's a black belt and an instructor, and I'm a brown belt. I never imagined I'd being doing martial arts.

  • Janeen
    Master January 2015
    Janeen ·

    @Now I'm Mrs M---look at that tree!

    @Melissa--I've picked up kayaking too actually.

    @Brandy--that picture is amazing!

    @Rachey--I love beach volleyball but it's exhausting lol.

    @Disneynut 0_0

    @Genny--which video games?

  • P
    Devoted May 2017
    Private User ·

    We were both avid console and PC gamers.

    Now we rarely game together but have branched into hobbies that go well together (I write about and test games. He makes indie titles. We team up for the occasional Game Jam if we're free.) As well as playing World of Warcraft when our free time syncs up.

    We've also both picked up knitting to do together - he uses needles, I use a loom.

  • Koch Bride
    Master September 2014
    Koch Bride ·

    We both are really sporty and love to play on rec leagues together. We play kickball (which is shockingly insanely competitive), flag football and we've played dodgeball in the past too.

    I run regularly and he likes to run a few races a year. And, for the wedding we took dance lessons which we were shocked at how much we liked. We're thinking about taking some more lessons in the future just for fun. I had never taken a dance lesson in my life but we had so much fun laughing with each other and learning something new that we just really liked it.

  • Janeen
    Master January 2015
    Janeen ·

    Oh yeah! We are taking lessons too and I think we might continue it post-wedding!

  • Koch Bride
    Master September 2014
    Koch Bride ·

    JSarge- We live in Philly so we play for Philadelphia Sports Network but when I lived at home I played for Play More Sports in SJ and they were awesome!

  • Angie
    VIP August 2015
    Angie ·

    We play World of Warcraft together. Though I canceled my account until the new expansion comes out in Nov. I got bored with it. We both also used to be on bowling leagues, before we met, we go bowling every once in a while, it was where we went on our first date too!

  • Liana
    VIP November 2014
    Liana ·

    Watching movies...does that count? LOL

    My fiance is the first person who ever took me fishing. I enjoy it now on our boat over the summer so we do that quite frequently on the weekends, weather permitting.

  • KarenS
    Devoted November 2014
    KarenS ·

    We started beekeeping together as well as gardening. We met through a long distance hiking group and through him, I also started taking 1-3 week canoeing trips. We also like to fish so pretty much anything outdoors which doesn't include hunting.m

  • Lara
    Master July 2015
    Lara ·

    Janeen, we did Tough Mudder together last year!

    We crossfit together. When he's there, I push myself harder, and try to put on cuter workout clothes. He's really into motorcycles and guns. I got a helmet, and he got me a jacket, so we can ride together. And I've ended up at the range a time or two.

  • Mallory Abroad
    Master October 2014
    Mallory Abroad ·

    Sex basically

    We like very different hobbies - I love cars and dabble I cross-stitch and coloring in where as FH loves playing soccer and watching sport and the gym.

    Some stuff we both like - like reading but it isn't a hobby you do together

  • 8815wedding
    VIP August 2015
    8815wedding ·

    I took up running... kind of... so that I could go with him some weekends when it is nice out. It's hard to keep up (since I'm so new at it) but when I come we usually end up just jogging and walking and enjoying each other's company (and he'll go the next day to get a real work out in lol)

    He picked up reading! In high school and college he barely read anything unless it was necessary for school, but once he started his job I bought him a kindle and now he reads even more than me!

  • Shelby H.
    VIP October 2014
    Shelby H. ·

    We're both huge sports fans and love music. So a lot of our time together sounds like either an article out of Rolling Stone or an ESPN show. He's teaching me to love traveling (I know I know, I'm weird) so we've started doing that together. That was something that he always did alone so I feel really privileged that I'm the one he wants to share that with.

  • Janeen
    Master January 2015
    Janeen ·

    @Lara, cool! FH and I are trifecta-ing together for Spartan Race this year.

  • K+S
    VIP October 2015
    K+S ·

    FH and I go to the gym together, we don't actually do the same work outs but he helps me and we spot each other, and I tend to try just a little harder when he's watching me. FH used to race motocross until he broke his pelvis in 2011, then he bought a Harley and that's his new obsession. When he was racing he bought me a pitbike so I could ride with them (and NOT race lol) and now we really enjoy spending hours on the bike together. Horses are my life and hobby, we are currently in the process of buying our next house with enough acreage to bring my horse home, I'm hoping FH starts to enjoy it so I can get him one too!

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