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NWR: grey hair

NatHam, on March 3, 2017 at 12:36 AM Posted in Wedding Attire 0 61
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I am almost 26 and I have grey hair. I started noticing grey hair when I was in high school when someone pointed it out. It's embarrassing and I hate it. I notice it more and more and have to color my hair more often. It's a genetic thing since my dad had grey hair at a very young age. Any body else have this issue or other insecurities? I literally tell no one about this because that's how embarrassed I am.


  • F
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    Future Mrs.S ·

    One of my relatives started going gray at a young age also. I'm going to dye mine before we head to the beach.Gosh you ladies are reminding me of stuff I forgot I need/wanted to do.

  • AnnieL
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    AnnieL ·

    No advice, just wanted to say I know how you feel. I started with gray hairs at 18 and it's not even hereditary so I have no idea why. It's been getting steadily worse so I do have to color it often. I'll probably be completely gray at some point

  • Nicole
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    Nicole ·

    I started getting grays very young due to thyroid disease

  • J
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    Jesse ·

    I'm 26 with like 12 extremely noticeable strands only when I braid it... nothing to be insecure about... rock that tinsel!!!!

  • Jennifer
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    Jennifer ·

    Me! Omg it's so bad. My dad got grays super young, so naturally I did too. It's bad and I haven't been able to afford to get my hair done lately so it's looking really bad. FH wants me to grow it out for some reason. I'm only 30!

  • Jane38
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    Jane38 ·

    I'm 23, and I recently noticed I'm getting a lot of white/gray hairs. Of course they're in the front of my head too.. I think it's genetics. Thank for for hair dye lol

  • NymphPoet
    Devoted October 2018
    NymphPoet ·

    I'm twenty and have grey hair coming in. My mom greyed around 25 while my dad is 75 and just got his first grey -_- so of course I pulled the short straw on who's genes I got in this case lol

  • Kashawn
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    Kashawn ·

    My brother has had grey hair since he was 13. Just dye it. No need to be embarrassed. That just means u were wiser beyond ur years... or However that saying goes. Lol

  • svg
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    svg ·

    I'm 25 and am about 25% gray. Runs in the family. Haha. They're bright shiny silver and stubborn - dye doesn't cover them. My hair is light brown so I started getting hand painted highlights throughout; while the grays are still visible it all kind of blends in and it's good enough for me for now. As it gets worse I will probably just let my hair be gray, though, because I can't do monthly upkeep.

  • Lumos
    Expert May 2017
    Lumos ·

    I started getting white- not even grays- this year. First person on both sides of my family to get them before age 30. I was so upset at first, but I don't care anymore. Just rock them!

  • xray12280
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    xray12280 ·

    Oh yes! I've been grey since 22 and regularly dye it. I always use the box stuff ( I know it's supposedly bad) because I'm cheap, but I think I might splurge and get it done professionally before the wedding.

  • Bemyguest
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    Bemyguest ·

    I'm 28 and have had gray hair since about 18. I'm really self conscious about it. FH doesn't care, but he doesn't get it either. I dye it. I used to go blonde, since they blended in better, but now I like my brown hair, so I'm dying it every 6-8 weeks to avoid noticing them

  • lintonlinton
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    lintonlinton ·

    Both FH and I got grey slivers early, our future kids are so screwed lol. Mine are white, which I think is kinda cool. The only thing that really bothers me about them anymore is that they're such a different texture from the rest of my hair, so they don't cooperate with styling very well.

    IMO there's nothing wrong with rocking the grey or dying it, whatever makes you feel comfortable! Nothing to be embarrassed about.

  • NatHam
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    NatHam ·

    Thanks for sharing everyone it really makes me feel better. A few years ago I moved to a new town and new no one or anything here. I went to get my hair cut somewhere I have never been and guess what. She pointed out my grey hair in a very sarcastic rude way. I stopped going to that salon all together. Most people don't know I have grey hair but I don't really want them to know either

  • CMC
    Master November 2016
    CMC ·

    I started getting gray hairs at like...16. I used box dye for a little while but now I go to the hair salon every 6 weeks and get a hairline dye, which is awesome.

  • CuteNickname
    Super July 2017
    CuteNickname ·

    @laurad- my FSIL is a professional hair stylist. She tells me horror stories about fixing the hair of women who have used box dyes. If you're thinking of going to a pro before the wedding, I recommend going sooner than later, in case you need multiple sessions. They do charge a lot, but they're artists and chemists....the good ones are worth it.

  • FreshToDeathAng
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    FreshToDeathAng ·

    I'm 28 and notice gray hairs sprouting up more frequently - I just get my hair colored professionally pretty often, and stopped caring. It is what it is!

  • bitbit
    Expert September 2017
    bitbit ·

    Ugh, I'm in the same boat. I dye mine too and it seems like every time my roots grow out there is more and more gray. I wish I was confident enough to just let it grow out and not care.

  • Margaret
    Expert March 2018
    Margaret ·

    I'm 21 and have had it since 16 or 17. I call them my unicorn hairs

  • SwissMs
    Super March 2018
    SwissMs ·

    Ugh - I still remember being in the ladies room with a friend when I was in law school, aged 22, and noticed my first grey. I was screaming at her "rip it out, please liz, rip it out!" I got progressively greyer until about 30. Then it stopped getting worse. I died my hair for a while, but found it was doing too much damage and usually the grey wasn't too obvious - although I pluck out the little ones that stick up funny.

    I am still on the fence over whether i'll dye it for the wedding though. I'm brunette with a lot of natural blonde highlights, which i really love and don't want to lose.

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