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Northern Michigan/Midwest Honeymoon

Kelsey, on February 17, 2017 at 10:13 PM Posted in Honeymoon 0 14
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My fiancé and I are looking for something central to home (Indiana) but a nice getaway. Does anyone have any advice on the Traverse City area or elsewhere in Michigan that could be enjoyable? Or anywhere else in driving distance to Indianapolis?


  • Klynn
    Devoted August 2017
    Klynn ·

    Traverse City has awesome wine tours! Mackinac City/St. Ignace is fun and touristy, and Mackinac Island is neat. If you're willing to go across the bridge to the Upper Peninsula, Taquamenon Falls is really pretty.

  • K.M.
    Master September 2018
    K.M. ·

    Traverse City is awesome. There are a lot of wineries up there and mission point lighthouse and peninsula are beautiful!

  • Bemyguest
    Master April 2017
    Bemyguest ·

    Allow vendors to comment. They have great advice and can't advertise!

  • Jacky
    Master June 2017
    Jacky ·

    Im from Michigan, and the UP is our favorite vacation destination. We might go there if we end up going on a honeymoon. We are outdoorsy people, so we specifically love the Pictured Rocks. Taquamenon Falls is beautiful, too. Marquette is a neat city on the water with great restaurants and shopping.

    I haven't been to Traverse City In a while, but I know it's a nice area with beautiful lakes. Petosky is a really beautiful area, too, along with Harbour Springs and Charlevoix.

  • NextMrsD
    Super November 2016
    NextMrsD ·

    Chicago is great in the summer! What do you like to do?

  • Klynn
    Devoted August 2017
    Klynn ·

    @jackie said Marquette and I agree! If you're willing to go that far, drive the 3 extra hours to Copper Harbor. It's at the tip top of the Upper Peninsula and it's beautiful (but I'm biased because I'm from up there).

  • K
    Just Said Yes July 2017
    Kelsey ·

    @NextMrsD We go to Chicago rather frequently with friends. We're looking for a new destination with lots of outdoor activities but the ability to get away from the hustle and bustle and relax.

  • ODL
    Expert September 2017
    ODL ·

    Gatlinburg, TN. 5 hour drive from indy. ETA: Nashville indiana is an awesome little getaway to! Rent a cabin in the "little smokey's" as we call it. Where my wedding location is.. Bout an hour from indy.

  • AD2AP
    VIP June 2018
    AD2AP ·

    I'm from Michigan and the UP is great, especially if you like to be outdoors and see some beautiful scenery.

  • Jameson
    Dedicated June 2017
    Jameson ·

    Traverse City is beautiful! They have gorgeous wineries all along the peninsula (one even has a biking trail), tons of stuff to do downtown, you can go kayaking up in Leelanau, there are antique shops galore, biking trails, etc. I could go on but I'm biased

    One of my favorite memories of FH and I is when we kayaked down Platte river (alcohol involved) and laid out for hours on the beach of Lake Michigan afterward.

  • NextMrsD
    Super November 2016
    NextMrsD ·

    I figured as much. DH recommends Sleeping Bear Dunes in Michigan.

  • SheSaidSherman
    Expert June 2017
    SheSaidSherman ·

    There's a lot of places on western side of MI that you could go. If you're up for driving just driving up the coast through holland, Muskegon, Grand Rapids, traverse city and others is a great scenic trip.

  • Abbey
    Expert October 2017
    Abbey ·

    I'm from northern MI and love Traverse City! The wineries are amazing, lots of kayaking to do, and it's close enough to other smaller towns that you can day trip to. The Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes are phenomenal and definitely worth a trip and if you have the time the pictures rocks in Munising are great.

  • beccalynn
    Devoted September 2017
    beccalynn ·

    Following FH and I want to honeymoon somewhere closer to home. We're in Northeastern Indiana. Nashville, Indiana is amazing. The Pictured Rocks in the UP are gorgeous!

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