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Savannah, on April 13, 2017 at 4:45 PM Posted in Planning 0 13
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I am getting married in Fresno CA and photography seems to be super expensive it is out of the questions to find decent wedding package for under $1000? Recommendations?

Also am wanting to hire someone to help with final preparations for the wedding not necessarily a wedding planner but someone I can count in to make sure everything gets done in the big day any recommendations?

Final questions what are your thoughts on ordering your wedding dress online anyone have any recommendations or pictures they can share?

Thank you!!!


  • RealLindseyO
    Master October 2017
    RealLindseyO ·
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    Photography-wise, you get what you pay for. I'm in a relatively low cost area and our photographer is $1900.

    You're looking for a DOC. They can get expensive but are invaluable in making sure everything runs smoothly.

    I wouldn't order online, especially from a place like JJHouse or DHGate that sell cheap knock-offs of designer dresses. Plus you don't always know what dresses will look good on you so it's best to try them on.

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  • Celia Milton
    January 2020
    Celia Milton ·
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    Yes. It is unrealistic to think you're going to get pro photography for less than 1000.00. Sorry. Think more along the lines of 2000-4000.00.

    DOC's will be 800-1500.

    Online? Nope. Look at consignment shops, used, local Freecycle and Facebook groups.

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  • Vicki
    Master November 2017
    Vicki ·
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    @savannah you're a bit behind the game here if the date on your profile is correct.

    I would never order a wedding dress online. Wedding dresses ordered in store can take 6-8 months to come in... you'd need to get a sample gown off the rack.

    Photography is expensive, at least good photography is. Under $1k in California? Doubtful.

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  • C
    Devoted July 2018
    Cham ·
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    Capture of life had a decent package staring at $1100 back then in October there a few that like $1000 that do good work in old Town Clovis I can't remember their names right now but on fb follow the local photographer n look them up

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  • C
    Devoted July 2018
    Cham ·
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    Oh and our photographer is pamela leeds she's awesome her prices start at $1500 she's is Derek Carr photographer lol and your getting married a day before me yahhh congrats lol

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  • GymRat
    Master May 2017
    GymRat ·
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    Wedding photographer for under $1k? Maybe a brand new photographer, like a college student or something. But be prepared: you get what you pay for.

    What you are looking for is a DOC (day of coordinator). Use the vendor tab.

    Ordering a wedding dress online? I have no opinion on that, but just do your research.

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  • earias
    Champion December 2017
    earias ·
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    Check out the vendor tab here. I found most of my vendors that way and I live in Sacramento. I absolutely love my photographer who I found on here (just saw sneak peak of our e-pics from last weekend), but she charges at least $1,000+ for her packages. I really don't think you will find a good photographer for less, even in Fresno. I found my wedding planner/coordinator on here too. Send inquiries to as many vendors as you can so you can get a good idea of price range, responsiveness, etc.

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  • milinovemberbride
    VIP November 2017
    milinovemberbride ·
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    I agree with the "you get what you pay for" regarding photographers. If you want to cheap out, you're going to run into problems with the photographer, whether it be with the actual photos or their customer service. Personally, for our wedding, we're willing to look into student photographers at my college because they'll work to build a portfolio and to gain experience and some of them take stunning photos. Plus, we're more into the photo journalistic style which is what most college kids aim for these days. That being said, I'm choosing a student that I have known for years and know her work to be AMAZING (she's not really a friend so I don't consider her a "friendor"). This is not always the case so I don't usually advise others to do what I'm doing. But just wanted to let you know what I'm doing in order to stay in budget. Be creative with your budget.

    For a day of coordinator, check with your venue to see if they have a preferred one--- that's what we did and we paid 10% of whatever we were paying for the venue so we hired our DOC/wedding planner for $650, which I think is amazing! We're out of state so she's been a great help since she knows the venue so well.

    Lastly, I would advise you to shop online for a wedding dress after you've already tried some on in person and only use a trusted online vendor. Etsy can be wonderful and inexpensive.

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  • MarryingMurray
    VIP June 2018
    MarryingMurray ·
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    I ordered my wedding dress online from ASOS for $400 and its beautiful.

    I just made sure that the return policy was good.

    I'm in socal and my photographer is ~2600

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  • Portlandia13
    Super April 2017
    Portlandia13 ·
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    I'm getting married in Fresno, paying $4000 for photography. I could recommend some decent people in the $2400 range? You really do get what you pay for.

    Fresno Event Group is our wedding planner and we love them. But honestly, if I had to choose between paying them and spending more on photography, I'd spend more on photography.

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  • Diana
    Dedicated May 2017
    Diana ·
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    I had a similar issue with photographers (I grossly underestimated how much it would cost) what we decided to do was a few hours instead of the full day so we could get a quality photographer in our price range. I will be missing out on a few things but looked at what was important and asked for custom packages that included those items. That at least gave me more options.

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  • Brittany
    Devoted August 2017
    Brittany ·
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    There's a photographer I loved. Danielleraephotography I think she will pop up under vendors if you search her, she should be around $1000.

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  • K
    Super March 2018
    K ·
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    Hey Savannah! I live in Fresno, CA. Most of my vendors are from Fresno too. I had a hard time finding a great photograph that shot in our style that didnt cost more than what we are paying. We're paying $3,250 for our Photographer Krizel, but she is amazing. I really agree with people when they say you get what you pay for.

    Some venues offer a day of coordinator.

    I am always sketched out when it comes to ordering important things online. Just triple check the return policy.

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