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My wedding is in 5 weeks and i haven’t met any of my vendors in person!!

Rose, on May 3, 2019 at 12:51 AM Posted in Planning 0 6
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I have 2 major vendors. One is the decorator/florist. Another is the owner of the company that will handle my dj/photobooth/photo/video. I have other vendors such as the Mc, and the day of coordinator that I haven’t met with yet either. My wedding is 5 weeks away. I’ve been waiting patiently because all year I’ve been texting them back and forth and maybe I annoy them. So I haven’t contacted them for awhile thinking they will contact me when they need. it’s getting close now: Are they going to contact me soon? Or should I be the one having to contact them again? I’m so frustrated with these vendors. They take forever to answer a text and I just want to get everything done now.


  • Sexypoodle
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    Yes. Call them, leave messages and schedule appointments. Then at the appointments, be ready with photos, lists, information, questions etc. so that it’s a productive meeting.
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  • Alycia
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    You are definitely supposed to have an update meeting with your vendors. The sooner the better in case they need to make changes for you.
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  • Formerbride
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    I agree with PP. You should call or email to set up a final meeting to go over details. I'm not sure if they told you that texting was their preferred method of contact. I haven't texted one of my vendors. I prefer email because there is a very clear chain of communication to reference. I hope that you get your meetings scheduled!
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  • Jessie
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    I haven’t meet any of my vendors; everything has been email/phone. I meet my officiant today at rehearsal and everyone else tomorrow on the big day. Call them if you have questions but if not I would wait till you are a bit closer for finalizing everything.
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  • Amanda
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    Stop texting and CALL them! I didn’t hire any of my vendors without meeting them first but I guess I’m more traditional....at least I know who I am contracted with and know they’re all good people that communicate well.
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  • Cortney
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    The only vendors that I have not met yet are the rental company doing the draping and chairs and my officiant. However I have had telephone conversations with them both. I don't think those are people I really NEED to meet with in person. I've emailed pictures of the draping I want, etc. However, I am sure they will be more in contact with me the closer the date gets. 5 weeks is still a lot of time for vendors though, because they likely have 4 other weddings they are working on still before yours. If you want to meet them in person I would call or email to set up a meeting in a few weeks to finalize everything.

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