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My DIY Table Numbers *PICS*

*Peacock*TheWifey, on July 31, 2011 at 5:28 PM Posted in Do It Yourself 0 43
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Hey ladies =)

I was restless today and decided to work on my table numbers for my peacock wedding! I think they turned out okay. I used real peacock feathers, too. What do you think of them?


  • Carole M (a.k.a "old tart")
    Master October 2011
    Carole M (a.k.a "old tart") ·

    They are truly unique and lovely.

  • EdubbsWife™
    Master October 2011
    EdubbsWife™ ·

    Those are very pretty! Love the corner accents.

  • Jen P.
    Master January 2012
    Jen P. ·

    Verrrrrrrrrry cute and very you! Your wedding is going to be gorgeous!

  • April2012Bride
    Super April 2012
    April2012Bride ·

    Very nice...I absolutely love them!

  • Kimi K
    Master February 2012
    Kimi K ·

    Love love love love love love love love!!!! They look SO good!! Did you print the numbers or write them out?

  • Tach
    Master July 2012
    Tach ·

    Ummm you keep making me wanna change my colors and theme!!! They look amazing!

  • *Peacock*TheWifey
    VIP August 2011
    *Peacock*TheWifey ·

    Thanks girls!

    @Kimi k. - I printed them out. I actually kind of cheated so the numbers would be in the right place in each frame and printed all my numbers out on the teal paper and cut them out and placed them on the appropriate sized paper in the frames. Since I printed the numbers on the same teal paper you can't tell it isn't printed directly on the teal background. Saved me a lot of endless computer and printer fighting!

  • *Peacock*TheWifey
    VIP August 2011
    *Peacock*TheWifey ·

    @Natacha V. - Well.... you have enough time if you WANT to change them... I'm obsessed with my peacock wedding. So excited.

  • Sandey
    Super July 2012
    Sandey ·

    Looks beautiful. Eyecatching.

  • Mrs L
    Master March 2012
    Mrs L ·

    Those are beautiful!! Love them!

  • Kimi K
    Master February 2012
    Kimi K ·

    It looks like you wrote in the numbers - very cool!

  • Faith
    Expert June 2012
    Faith ·

    Love them!

  • bert's girl
    Master April 2012
    bert's girl ·

    Those are beautiful!

  • *Peacock*TheWifey
    VIP August 2011
    *Peacock*TheWifey ·

    Thanks so much! I'm glad everyone likes them. I sure hope my guests do

  • MrsBJ
    Devoted September 2011
    MrsBJ ·

    Very nice. Love them

  • Jasmine
    Super September 2012
    Jasmine ·

    These are really nice. good job!

  • Courtney
    Super May 2012
    Courtney ·

    Love them so pretty!!

  • Dena&JD
    Master April 2012
    Dena&JD ·

    Those are really cute!

  • <3 Mrs. Paige <3
    Devoted August 2011
    <3 Mrs. Paige <3 ·

    I love them...they are nice.

  • Holly
    Expert May 2012
    Holly ·

    I love those!

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