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May 19, 2018

Monnie, on May 13, 2018 at 12:14 AM Posted in Planning 0 4
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Anyone else getting married on May 19th? What else do you have to do? What plans do you have for the week?


  • Kristin
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    Kristin ·
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    Me! I have a decently long but manageable list of things to do. It's mostly a lot of checking in and following up to make sure everyone is on the same page with where to go at what times, etc. We have to make sure the house is clean because the girls are all getting ready with me here. A few other things on the list:
    -Finishing touches on welcome bags and drop them off.
    -Plan and shop for food for while everyone's getting ready and on the party bus during photos.
    -Trip to the jeweler for a cleaning and hopefully dipping for my ring.
    -Couples massage on Wednesday!
    -Try on my dress one last time and take it home.
    -This is kind of a big one...we have to write our vows. If we don't come up with anything we will just use the classic ones.

    Friday will be a great day with nails and the rehearsal. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone! What do you have left?
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  • N
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    Nichole ·
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    I am getting married May 19th as well. There are so many little things to do! I thought I was all good to go and then kept remembering minor details. It never ends! I should have taken more time off then just the day before lol.
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  • jerzgrlnmd
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    jerzgrlnmd ·
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    I am! I work until Wednesday (I have a half day) and I have my hair appointment on Wednesday eve, we pick up our flowers on Wednesday afternoon, we have to prep them and then set up the centerpieces on Thursday, we have a final walkthough on Thursday as well. We did wine bottles so it should be easy to just stick some flowers in them lol. Friday I make my bouquet, have brunch with my mom lol, pick up donuts, our cake and then we have a family happy hour to get to. I said if it is not done by Thursday....it is not getting done. lol

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  • M
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    Monnie ·
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    I have to replace one of the table bases for the centerpieces. It broke. Then make yhe selfie station sign. Attempt to make my veil. Nails on Friday with rehearsal dinner that night. Pick up grocieries for the rehearsal dinner and the wedding day. We are doing subs from subway for rehearsal dinner with a football theme, so need chips and drinks. And taco bar for Wedding. Also transport all the items to the venue. Starrt setting up. Take our pup 🐕 to my parents. They will watch her starting Tuesday. I think thats it. But something new always comes up. We just found out his brother and fam. Best Man, FG and RB might not make it. They are being flooded. So gotta find back up. Sigh list is never ending
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