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Let's see your pretty hair clips/combs!

Connie, on May 10, 2016 at 12:22 PM Posted in Wedding Attire 0 35
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Hey, all! As part of the wedding gift, I'm going to give my girls the jewelry they'll wear during the ceremony. Obviously I will also get them individual non-wedding-related gifts as well. My sister's ears are not pierced and she's pretty bummed that she won't be able to wear earrings. They're wearing one sleeve dresses and we couldn't find any necklaces that work with them, so I was going to do earrings and a bracelet for each of my BMs. My sister desperately wants to, but can't pierce her ears because of her psoriasis, so I thought I'd get her something pretty to wear in her hair instead! I've looked around a bit on Etsy, but you all find such lovely stuff that I've never seen, so I thought I'd ask here!

Let's see what you've got!

ETA: Clip-on earrings likely won't work and we don't want to take a chance on them. Even small things like pinching can give her psoriasis in that spot. Better safe than sorry!


  • Karen
    Expert June 2016
    Karen ·

    Aaah! Thank you for reminding me that I still need to buy one!!!

  • JoRocka
    Master September 2016
    JoRocka ·

    I have hair sticks. They came from the UK. They are breath taking in person.

  • JoRocka
    Master September 2016
    JoRocka ·

    Check 'hair comes the bride.' Lots of pretties.

  • Meesh
    VIP May 2016
    Meesh ·

    Yes I would look into clip-ons for sure. Here's mine. It was the first thing I saw when I walked into David's Bridal (on the sale table) and we grabbed it just in case - it ended up going with my dress and veil perfectly.

  • Rebecca
    VIP June 2016
    Rebecca ·

    Thank you for the Hair Comes the Bride recommendation!! I just found a comb that I love on their site!

  • JoRocka
    Master September 2016
    JoRocka ·

    You're welcome, happy you found something!

  • Shauna
    VIP May 2015
    Shauna ·

    Here was mine!

  • M
    VIP September 2016
    MrsInSeptember ·

    Can you do clip ons for your sis? They have lovely ,elegant ones nowadays!

  • Sarah H.
    Master September 2016
    Sarah H. ·

    Here's mine for the reception.

  • nautiwife
    VIP July 2016
    nautiwife ·

    I went with hair pins. Found them on etsy.

  • nautiwife
    VIP July 2016
    nautiwife ·

    @Sarah I almost bought that comb! It didn't work with what I am doing to do with my hair. So pretty though!

  • Jess
    Super August 2016
    Jess ·

    I made this. Proud as fuck. It wraps around the back of my hair loosely and the combs go on the side sweep. Wearing my hair down in waves.

  • Connie
    Expert October 2016
    Connie ·

    Oh my goodness, this stuff is great! Those hair sticks! :o

    We're hesitant to do clip-on earrings, only because of the issues she has. Basically, any sort of "injury" gives her psoriasis in that area for the foreseeable future. Because clips have a tendency to pinch (not much, but enough), I don't want to risk that being an issue for her psoriasis.

    When we first started planning, she said she was thinking about getting her ears pierced for the wedding. I told her that if she wanted to do it for her, fine. But DO NOT do it for my wedding. She gets psoriasis really bad on her scalp and ears already and I just don't want her to be in misery. I figure a hair accessory is a safe alternative and she'll still get the bling. Haha.

    Thanks so much for all of the help, ladies! These are gorgeous. Jess, you SHOULD be proud. That's stunning!

  • Happily Ever After
    Expert April 2016
    Happily Ever After ·

    Here was mine. Got it on amazon for around $10. Everyone loved it in my hair and with my veil!!

  • GryffinBride
    VIP June 2016
    GryffinBride ·

    Still need to get one!

  • Private_User1000
    Dedicated October 2016
    Private_User1000 ·

    A blingy ear cuff might suit her needs if she wanted to try that (the ones I linked aren't blingy, but there's plenty of options on etsy etc)

    My headpiece is a pearl/rhinestone headband.

  • Adoretamm
    Master May 2016
    Adoretamm ·

    Here's mine! I found it at charming Charlie

  • LCya
    VIP September 2016
    LCya ·

    Thinking of getting something like this

  • Missys984
    Master October 2015
    Missys984 ·

    I got mine at claires

  • Connie
    Expert October 2016
    Connie ·

    LCya, THAT IS PERFECT. Do you know where that piece came from? That would go so perfectly with the dress and her hairstyle! Ahh!

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