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Winter Bride, on December 7, 2017 at 8:30 AM Posted in Planning

Eeeek! So soon! How are things coming?

Some positive updates since Thanskgiving: Recieved more wedding help,tips and family involvement. Dress is in the shop to be bustled and will take 2 weeks. Also, the rsvps are going well and almost everyone rsvp'd (we did online only rsvp option). Just a very few people we are waiting on. Expecting 75 guests.



  • Bride2Be2018
    VIP January 2018
    Bride2Be2018 ·

    We are waiting on 30 RSVPs back(out of 150 invited), still need to get fittings for Dress, gifts for FH/Ushers/Readers/parents, get wedding band for FH, choose our ceremony, pick our songs, and set our timeline. Still working on the last mothafuckin 5 pounds that won't budge either ahhh lol driving me crazy!!

    ETAOP 75 people sounds perfect. With NO RSVPs we will be anywhere between 110 and 120 I think, which I'm not mad about. I think the 150 would have been overwhelming!

  • Amanda
    Expert January 2018
    Amanda ·

    Just sent out invites on Monday but heard that people are starting to get them. Need to get the groomsman gifts (BMs are done), need to work on music, ceremony, get with photographer. Dress is being altered and next fitting is 12/21. Hair and makeup trial is this Saturday along with my bachelorette party. Everything else is good.

  • KatieMBY
    VIP January 2018
    KatieMBY ·

    Yay January brides!!!

    I had my bach last weekend, it was awesome! So I'm feeling extra festive now. I pick up my dress from the seamstress on December 20th, I had my final venue walkthrough on Monday and my coordinator set up my floor plan, decor list and full day timeline as well during our walkthrough. I have paid most of the vendors so far, and I'm hoping to have them all paid off by the first week of January. Good news is all the BM's have their gifts taken care of and I have a gift for my parents as well.

    We send invites out November 3rd, but due to so many post offices being destroyed in Hurricane Harvey, many of our guests never got their invites until last week. We are slowly but surely receiving RSVP's back. As of yesterday, we have 50 yes's out of 120 we sent with a deadline of December 22nd. For whatever reason, my family and our bridal party doesn't "see the need" in sending one back, so if I went ahead and counted them, we'd have around 100. But I shall wait...

    Oh, and we ordered table numbers with a few extra just in case! Last thing to do is order the seating chart! Yay!!!

  • Winter Bride
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    Winter Bride ·

    @Melissa Hey date twin Why is that? (ppl giving u a hard time?)

  • Bailey
    Devoted January 2018
    Bailey ·

    I had to just force RSVPs out of almost all of my guests. I had to change my cake lady and seamstress last minute so I needed a better head count and only 3 people RSVPed on their own. My new cake tasting is next week (she was highly recommended). And the venue just called for details on vendors and set up. It jyst got real and I'm freaking out about the only 2 things I left for my fiance (food and music).

  • Brooke
    Super January 2018
    Brooke ·

    My planning is almost done!

    We are waiting for the last 10 rsvp to come back so we can start table arrangement.

    We have 2 meetings each week, all the way up to the wedding with our different vendors. My hair and makeup trial is in a week and a half. My dress is getting bustled. Just need to wrap up all the final touches and we will be all ready to go for January 6th.

  • Brooke
    Super January 2018
    Brooke ·

    @melissa i hate the negative remarks. We get the whole " you do realize that your getting married in the middle of winter in Chicago right?? There could be a snow storm on your wedding day"

    Do these people think that we haven't thought this through? This is why my wedding ceremony and reception are all in one place, with the hotel attached, so if it does start to snow, people don't need to leave.

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