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ASMini914, on April 16, 2019 at 2:08 PM Posted in Planning 0 5
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So I know typically invitations go out 8 - 10 weeks in advance, and we did send out stds, but looking for some feedback on a timeline. Our date is September 14th, final headcount due 10 days before so September 4th.

I have concerns with it being the summer and with where the 4th of July and Labor Day holidays fall within this timeline. Backstory of this is we are out of town the week of the 4th, and the weekend of Labor Day. This are weird mail holidays also and a lot of people we know travel them as well.

In order to have enough time to wait for rsvps that were mailed on the due date, and then track down missing ones I’m planning to set the rsvp date for August 14th.

Im planning to mail them out June 19 or June 20th so that they will make it to people the week before the 4th of July. A lot of guests are out of state, and it took them about 5 business days to receive out stds. Thinking we can avoid significant delays and lost invites that can happen with mail delivery being stopped while people are away, delays in mail holidays, etc.

Does this make sense or is that way too early?


  • Allie
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    Allie ·

    I think that's fine. My wedding is August 31st and I am planning on sending invites the first week of June and have my RSVP date for July 15th. My venue needs a final headcount 30 days before and I need time to call people who don't RSVP.

    Also, we sent Save the Dates since its on Labor day weekend.

  • ASMini914
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    ASMini914 ·
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    Thank you! This made me feel better!

    30 days is so long! I think ours needs 10, but I need to review the contract. I just remember thinking “if we send in the final payment and headcount by August 31 were totally fine!”
  • Kristin
    Super November 2019
    Kristin ·

    I am sending mine out 10 weeks before the head count is due (14 days prior) so August 18th for a November 9th wedding. We asking for RSVPs to be returned by September 28th (a month and a half before head count is due) so that we still have time to get any last minute things together that are more head count dependent (or cost prohibitive to order for all 200 when only 150 will likely come). It might be a little on the early side which means some things could change come day of, but that could happen no matter how close you cut it.

  • Hayley
    Beginner September 2019
    Hayley ·

    Our date is September 14th as well. I have my RSVP by date as August 17th. I plan to mail invitations on June 20th.

  • Alyssa
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    Alyssa ·

    I think it definitely makes sense. Our date is Sept. 28th, but our RSVP's are going to be due August 15th, we wanted more than enough time to contact people, or if people were away on vacation and didn't get a chance etc..going to send them out mid June

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