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I'm so in love!!!

6-22-19 Mrs.williams, on April 1, 2019 at 6:54 AM Posted in Wedding Attire 0 10
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We finally purchased our wedding rings!!!! Let's see yours! Did you stay in budget or go over for the perfect ring. We ended up going $2000 over... ooops lol

I'm so in love!!! 1

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  • Mo
    Devoted September 2019
    Mo ·
    Looks great! I just designed my band. Went $1k over budget but between my tax returns and side job I’m able to cover it!

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  • Chandra
    Master May 2019
    Chandra ·
    Those are beautiful!! I went stupid cheap ($59) with mine (bought the sterling silver and CZ version) because I didnt have the $800 to buy the diamond version right now. But you cant even really tell the difference so I'm happy with it!

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  • Y
    Savvy March 2020
    Yachita ·
    In love with my rings and at such a great price

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  • Tamara
    VIP August 2019
    Tamara ·

    I customized my band with upgraded diamonds to match my e-ring, but stayed under my budget which was $2000.

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  • Alicia
    VIP August 2019
    Alicia ·

    Beautiful! We haven't purchased ours yet.

  • Nona
    Devoted November 2019
    Nona ·
    We just purchased our yesterday we are excited!

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  • Amanda
    Master December 2020
    Amanda ·
    Gorgeous! We didn't have a buget persay but couldn't see spending more than 3k or so. We found my perfect ring and got it! Mine was $3.5k and my band will be $500 so 4k. So I guess 1k over?

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  • Kiana
    Dedicated June 2019
    Kiana ·
    Those are beautiful! Congrats!
  • Tara
    Expert June 2019
    Tara ·
    My wedding band was a lot, but we got the matching one to my engagement ring. His is made of wood. I wanted something different and it ties into our venue.

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  • Mrs.
    Super May 2019
    Mrs. ·
    I don’t think we set a budget for our rings haha. We picked them out all at once together and kind of knew it was okay with both of us to spend that amount.

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