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I finally convinced him!

Jen, on June 27, 2013 at 6:09 AM Posted in Planning 0 25
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Calling the venue today to cancel our contract. He's finally understanding that this wedding is going to ruin us financially. He has agreed to give me the wedding of my dreams! City Hall baby! Don't know exactly when, but it will be by the end of the summer. I have never been more relieved! Woo Hoo!


  • Michele
    Super July 2013
    Michele ·

    That is great! Good for you!

  • ice fire
    Expert February 2017
    ice fire ·

    Yay for you. I wish I could have that.

  • Amanda
    Master August 2013
    Amanda ·

    I think I missed an update somewhere, but YAY! That's what you really wanted all along! Did he tell the kids yet?

  • Mrs. Noble
    Super June 2013
    Mrs. Noble ·

    If you still want to wear a pretty wedding dress, go for it! David's has some great deals. Just invite close fqamily and friends or private if yall prefer! Congrats!

  • Celia Milton
    November 2019
    Celia Milton ·

    Still wear the dress, go out for a fabulous lunch and enjoy every minute!!! Give me a shout out if you want some location suggestions.


  • Jen
    Master March 2014
    Jen ·

    Celia, I'll definitely be in contact. I still want to make this special for FH. But on our financial terms, not NYC/LI standards.

    @Amanda, he didn't yet, but he will this weekend. It was his plan all along. Maybe they'll be there, maybe they wont. But I expressed to him that I want it to be just the two of us, not a group of people. I have no problems sending out wedding announcements as opposed to invitations.

  • Out the Window
    Master May 2014
    Out the Window ·

    I say have a DW of just the two of you and come back married

  • Jen
    Master March 2014
    Jen ·

    @Out the Window, we toyed with the idea of doing it in DC. Not the "ideal" DW, but it'll still be fun.

  • Achia
    Savvy August 2018
    Achia ·

    Wonderfullll congrats!!!!!

  • Laudie
    Master October 2013
    Laudie ·

    I'm so glad you get what you want! You are going to feel so much better in the end!

  • We'llAlwaysHaveParis
    Master November 2013
    We'llAlwaysHaveParis ·

    Lucky you

    please tell me his kids know about this.

  • Alejandra
    Master May 2014
    Alejandra ·

    Happy for you!

  • Almost Mrs. White
    Master September 2019
    Almost Mrs. White ·

    Good for you! Some day's I feel like going the same route...

  • LadyCrystal
    VIP November 2013
    LadyCrystal ·

    Jeez, how did you do it? I've been trying to convince FH that we need to just scrap the big expensive wedding (that i didn't want/can't afford) and just go to city hall. He's not buying it.

  • Jen
    Master March 2014
    Jen ·

    @Paris, they're finding out this weekend. We won't sneak off and do this without them knowing first. If they want to be there, they certainly can be. I won't take this away from them at all.

    @LadyCrystal, I turned on the tears like it ain't no thang. Hyperventilating and the whole 9 yards. What hit me was the $800 for 15 centerpieces of just hydrangeas. I can buy 15 hydrangea BUSHES for less than half of that. I showed him that what we would have to pay out in the next 8 months would practically bankrupt us. We could go ahead with the plans and live hand to mouth, or we could do this quietly and romantically, and have money in our bank account afterwards. He saw how upset I was, and realized that he was pressuring me for something I never wanted in the first place.

    Our love and success transcend this wedding. We're just as married whether we do it his way our the logical way. And he finally saw that. I couldn't be happier. The best part? Other than his kids, cont'd

  • Jen
    Master March 2014
    Jen ·

    We're not telling a soul until after it's happened! I told him we should have his friends over for a dinner party, and serve wedding cake as the dessert. And tell them then. If they're pissed, that's too fucking bad. then they can pay for a wedding. My sanity is more important to me than cake fillings and centerpieces.

  • Celia Milton
    November 2019
    Celia Milton ·

    I can't tell you how much I love this thread. So many of my couples call me and tell me how stressed and nuts they are over the planning of a giant thing when all they really wanted was something cool and little and 'like them'. (To be fair, many of my couples are completely on board with giant complicated events, and that is perfect for them!)

    All that matters, really, is that your wedding suits you and your really immediate family (not all 250 of them) and at the end you're married.

  • D
    Master May 2014
    D ·

    Lol...did you make snot bubbles too? lmao

    Well, good for you! glad you are going this route. It's never good to stress that much over money. sucks!

  • LadyCrystal
    VIP November 2013
    LadyCrystal ·

    I've had at least 4 nervous breakdowns over this & he's like "Don't worry about it. I'll pay for everything." -_-.

    I love FH but he's had a bit of a charmed life and I think he really believes money grows on trees. I'd strangle him but I really love the man and I don't look good in orange lol

  • FinallyDoingIt
    Master July 2014
    FinallyDoingIt ·

    Lmao @ snot bubbles, Diane.

    Jen, I love that you were able to convince him. I really think I want to go this route too but my FH wants the party. We have so many other things to use the money for

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