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I Feel Nauseous- I Lost a Stone

Trisha, on April 10, 2015 at 9:55 AM Posted in Wedding Attire 0 10
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It was just a small one on the side of my band. I have no idea if it went missing this morning or last night. I talked to Helzberg's and their care plan covers it so there's no cost. I'm leaving for a bachelorette party (not mine) in Chicago this afternoon and felt really sketchy going without my ring, but they said I could bring it in anytime before Wednesday and it'd be fine.

I almost made it to my 6 month inspection Wednesday! I got it 4/27/14, so I haven't even had it for a year!

This is why I can't have nice things!

Have you lost or broken your ring?


  • Janeen
    Master January 2015
    Janeen ·

    My previous ring had pave stones on the band that used to fall out constantly. They have a tendency to do that, which is why I emphasized no pave stones to my husband when he was shopping lol.

    Thank goodness your plan covers it!

  • Stephanie
    VIP May 2015
    Stephanie ·

    Oh no! That would totally make me sick! My ring belonged to my FHs mom, so replacing a stone would be pretty devastating to me.

  • KM
    Master March 2015
    KM ·

    The Helzberg care plan is awesome! Totally worth the cost. I haven't done any damage to mine yet, but I've had it sized twice, re-dipped twice, and the center stone lowered...all free.

  • N
    VIP October 2015
    natalie ·

    Holy crap! I would feel so sick to my stomach. I had to do a ring inspection of my own! Thank goodness they can fix it!

  • VWCat
    Master October 2015
    VWCat ·

    I'm so sorry Trisha that that happened to you I can't even imagine. I hope you get it back soon!

  • purplekitten
    Master October 2015
    purplekitten ·

    I felt nauseous when I read your title because I interpreted it to mean that you passed a kidney stone! So hey, it could be worse! So glad the stone is covered!

    Where in Chicago are you headed? (It's my neck of the woods, and I'm nosy. :-P )

  • MelissaC
    Master January 2015
    MelissaC ·

    I lost a side stone a week after getting engaged lol! I felt awful! My H felt awful because he felt like he got me a piece of crap ring. What really happened is we took it to get resized a week after getting engaged, but had to hurry them up because we had to go back home (3 hours away) so they didn't really check it over. Sometime in the two days after that I lost a stone because I wasn't used to having that ring and I'd hit it on everything. My H took it back two weeks later and they fixed it within 5 min. For free. Then 2 months before the wedding a diamond on the side of the band's side fell out. I had dropped the ring the month before while cleaning it when my H scared me. That probably popped it out. We took it back during Christmas because we were in that city and they sent it home with my H a few days later (I had to come back early) again for free. No problems since. I do a weekly check for all the diamonds when I clean my rings now.

  • Trisha
    Master August 2015
    Trisha ·

    I know it happens and that's why it's insured, but it still sucks.

    purplekitten, we're staying at the Renaissance downtown. I'm super excited!

  • purplekitten
    Master October 2015
    purplekitten ·

    Oooh, right on the haunted part of the river! Neat!

  • .
    Master October 2013
    .... ·

    I have a pave e-ring and pave wedding band. My e-ring lost one pave stone after I had it sized (which I was concerned about, but they assured me that going down one size would be OK). Also Helzberg. They immediately replaced the stone and tightened all the pave settings, and haven't had any issues since.

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