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How will you celebrate Christmas this year? Big party or something more cozy?

earias, on December 20, 2018 at 5:14 PM Posted in Parties and Events 0 21
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My DH's family always gets together for Christmas brunch and it's a relaxing, fun time where we drink mimosas and open presents. We always bring a honey baked ham. Growing up, my family was more formal and we would polish our silver and bring out our fine china for a more elegant affair. How will you celebrate Christmas this year?


  • PurdyAikey
    Super January 2019
    PurdyAikey ·

    We plan on doing a little of everything. Christmas Eve day is his family, Christmas Eve&Christmas Morning are ours, and Christmas with my family.

  • Chandra
    Master May 2019
    Chandra ·
    FH has to work and we dont live near family, so I'll be hanging out with my kitty and doing some wedding crafts.
  • Colleen
    Master September 2019
    Colleen ·
    Christmas Eve he is making steaks Christmas morning I will do peppermint pancakes. We will go to his family house on Christmas Day and my family Christmas Eve.
  • Lacie
    Devoted September 2018
    Lacie ·

    Leaving town Saturday to go visit Grandma and Grandpa #1 for their Christmas on Sunday. Visiting with Grandma # 2 and bio dad on Christmas Eve then heading back to town and heading to my parents house to stay the night. Do Christmas morning at my parents then the afternoon and Grandma at Grandpa #3 house.

    His family will do Christmas the following weekend since it works out better for his brother and wife since they will have their kids that weekend.

    Its crazy and stressful for sure!

  • JustKidding
    VIP April 2018
    JustKidding ·

    Christmas Eve Day - our best friend is coming over. We will open gifts as the 3 of us. That night we will go to a HUGE family bash my husbands family puts on. Our friend is like family, so he goes with us.

    Christmas day - Head to his parents for gifts there. That afternoon we go to dinner at my BIL and SIL houses.

  • F
    Dedicated March 2019
    Future Mrs. Stevens ·
    My FHs parents invited my family over to celebrate Christmas Day, so it'll be the first time we have a combined celebration! I'm very excited!
  • Abby
    VIP March 2019
    Abby ·
    Christmas Eve we will separate so he can go see his brother and his family and I can go with my family to see my grandparents. Then on Christmas day we will spend the whole day with my family at my house and my other grandmother and her husband will come over. We'll just open gifts, eat food and relax!
  • Alexandra
    VIP June 2019
    Alexandra ·
    We’re planning on spending Christmas Eve all cozied up at our house, and then Christmas Day is a marathon of visits (last I counted we’ll be going to SIX houses).
  • Colleen
    Master September 2019
    Colleen ·
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    Wow. My sisters and I insisted we do our family Christmas on Saturday. So we just have his parents house then we go to his uncle.
  • Colleen
    Master September 2019
    Colleen ·
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    My guy works Christmas night.
  • Peggy
    Master November 2019
    Peggy ·
    My fiancé is staying back and I’ll go to Nc to visit family and friends. When I get back we are going on a. Romantic getaway for New Years.
  • Kaleigh
    Expert December 2019
    Kaleigh ·
    On the 21st is his company Christmas party, the 22nd is Christmas at my moms with her side of the family. The 23rd I’ve been banned from our house (LOL) so he can finish wrapping my presents. Christmas Eve we go to his parents, and then Christmas morning is spent between the two of us, then brunch with my parents, then dinner at his Grandads house. This will be our calmest Christmas to date 😂😂
  • Kat
    Expert September 2019
    Kat ·
    I think we're going to go see a movie or something. The theater is always dead on Christmas day. If not that then probably just hang out at home and play games/ watch movies all day =] perfect day for me!
  • Marieke
    Expert June 2019
    Marieke ·
    We spend time with my dad’s side and my mom’s. We see my dad’s side on Christmas Eve. We’re all adults now and it’s very relaxed. Some of the uncles end up falling asleep after dinner lol

    My mom’s side on Christmas ends up being a bit of a party. There are two young kids which makes Christmas that much more fun. Also there’s a ton of food and wine to share and enjoy.
  • Shannon
    Expert October 2017
    Shannon ·
    Christmas Eve we will hang out at home and probably finish wrapping gifts. Christmas day we will go to my parents house to open gifts and have dinner with my family.
  • H
    Savvy June 2019
    Haley ·
    We are traveling up to Nebraska to spend Christmas with my family, we have spent the last few Christmases in the south with his family. Its always a fun and relaxing day but it has been time to visit my kin up north. We will spend Christmas eve with my dads family and Christmas day with my mother and a few family members. Hoping for a fun and snowy Christmas!
  • Summerbride77
    VIP July 2019
    Summerbride77 ·

    We're apart this year, just the way PTO and family worked out. I promised my mom I'd go to her place and spend christmas with her. We're going to connect with both our moms in New York on the 23rd, super excited.

    Christmas itself is all over the place, but there is always a ton of food. We do ducks for christmas every year

  • Talia
    Super October 2020
    Talia ·

    Christmas Eve we're going to my parents house, they do feast of the 7 fishes. Christmas day, it's our first one at our first house, we will open gifts then go to his parents house for brunch come back to our house and then go back for dinner they live like 5 minutes away.

  • MrsV1027
    Master October 2018
    MrsV1027 ·

    My Christmas growing up were always huge family get togethers. Now they are really small unfortunately. All of my cousins moved so it's a lot harder to get people together. This year my parents will be at my house on Christmas Eve and will leave on Christmas. I'm going to my cousins the Saturday after which is normally larger but seems to be getting smaller every year. I miss big Christmas!

  • M
    Dedicated June 2019
    Mia ·

    Spending the holiday at home and making dinner for me and the future hubby. Our wedding is in June so we are staying in doors and not spending money to travel to see family. Can't wait to this wedding is over so we can get back to our normal holiday season filled with family and fun!

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