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How much time are you taking off for your wedding.......

Kim8815, on January 7, 2015 at 10:10 AM Posted in Planning 0 75
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Now that we're in a new year everyone in my office has a fresh allotment of vacation/ PTO for 2015. I requested to take off the Friday before my wedding and the following week for our honeymoon (6 days). There's a policy that you can't take 5 consecutive days off without your Director and VP approval. I just got my email saying APPROVED. Soooo... how much time are you taking off for your wedding?


  • Elyse
    Master September 2015
    Elyse ·

    10 days over 3 weeks. A few days before, a week honeymoon, and a few days after to get things in order and do the legal crap.

    ETA: I have off weekends, so it's technically 14 consecutive days but I am taking 10 working days off. I haven't told my boss that I'm getting married so I hoping to sneak in the approval with my summer vacation.

  • .
    Master October 2013
    .... ·

    I took off 4 days before the wedding and the Monday after. But the govt shut down so I ended up with 17 days off and kept all my PTO, so BONUS.

    I took 6 days for my honeymoon, but we took that 3 months later.

  • Lady O.
    Super March 2015
    Lady O. ·

    I'm taking 5 days for the wedding itself, then 7 days for the honeymoon.

  • Mandigurl
    Super July 2015
    Mandigurl ·

    Since the Wednesday before my wedding is a holiday here, I am taking Thursday and Friday before my Saturday wedding and also Monday after. So I will be off for a total of 6 days.

    We aren't doing a HM right away so we will take a week for that probably in September.

  • Sarahdell
    Master October 2014
    Sarahdell ·

    I took half of the Friday before and the following two weeks for the honeymoon It was a amazing!!

  • Lucy
    Master April 2015
    Lucy ·

    I'll be taking 2 days off before the wedding, then 2 full weeks after for the HM. so 12 days total. With weekends that gives me 18 days off i'm so excited.

  • L + R
    Master September 2014
    L + R ·

    I took off a total of 10 business days for our DW/Honeymoon. It was 3 days before we left to the destination and 1 business day after we got back from our trip.

  • Maltese
    Master June 2015
    Maltese ·

    Depends...we still haven't booked our honeymoon. Hopefully this month though. FH wants to leave the day after the wedding. If that happens then I will take off Thursday & Friday before the wedding and definitely at least one day when we get back to do the name change stuff that has to be done in a government office

  • OG FMP
    Master August 2015
    OG FMP ·

    This year I have 5 weeks of vacation at work so i'm thinking to take 2 weeks - 3 days prior and the rest for the HM and after. Want to spend some time with the kids after the HM and before school starts.

  • Taryn
    Super May 2015
    Taryn ·

    I am taking off a week before the wedding (mainly because I am having my wedding 5 hours away from where I live right now) and I need time to finish getting all the details together. Then I'm taking a week off for the honeymoon

  • KMG
    Dedicated September 2015
    KMG ·

    We're getting married on a Saturday so I took Wed/Thus/Fri off before the wedding and then the week after for the Honeymoon. I figure I'll have a few last minute things to do before the wedding so I'm thinking the 3 days should be plenty of time.

  • Nicola
    VIP August 2015
    Nicola ·

    5 weeks give or take....

  • Lauren
    Super October 2014
    Lauren ·

    I took three days off before the wedding and 6 days off after for my honeymoon. My company is totally awesome and gives you five free days of vacation for getting married so I was able to use that without having to take away from my regular vacation.

  • S
    Master June 2015
    Sara ·

    Haven't quite decided, I'll take at least 2, maybe 3 days off before the wedding and then the week after for the honeymoon.

  • MelissaC
    Master January 2015
    MelissaC ·

    I'm taking a day and a half off before my wedding, coming back for a month, and then taking off 5 days for my honeymoon.

  • Elle
    Master March 2015
    Elle ·

    I'm taking 7 work days off. I was just going to take six, but that has me coming back for one day of work, and then having the weekend off, so i'm taking seven and making it a nice long vacation.

  • Kelsie
    Super August 2015
    Kelsie ·

    I'm getting married on the Saturday of a long weekend... I'm taking off Friday, Saturday and Sunday and then I will have the Monday off as its a holiday. As well I took a week off for our HM a week after our wedding. My FH has a week off for our wedding, and then the week off for our HM as well.

  • Elyse
    Master September 2015
    Elyse ·

    @Lauren, 5 free days? That is awesome! I'm jealous!

  • K
    Dedicated September 2015
    Keith & Jessica ·

    I am planning on taking 13 working day off but with my weekends off I will get a total of 19 days off with my new husband

  • Jenny
    Beginner December 2014
    Jenny ·

    I did my wedding first on my combined days off and then took my vacation with float days to Europe

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