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How long did it take you to choose a honeymoon spot?

Alejandra, on September 20, 2013 at 8:57 PM Posted in Honeymoon 0 21
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We just can't seem to decide! lol We have gone from Cancun to Sedona then slightly researched Jamaica to Costa Rica and back to Cancun, sigh. We want to go right after the wedding, no more than a few days later.

Mainly, we want something affordable. Relaxing on the beach, but with a splash of adventure (zip lining, parasailing, etc.)

How many choices did you consider before deciding?


  • Megan
    Super June 2014
    Megan ·

    A few weeks! ours was unique. my mom offered her timeshare so we only had a limited # of options-- we wanted to go monday-monday so even more limited. Originally wanted Aruba but we're going to Cabo.. I just want to lay on the beach, hang out at the swim up bar, and have a nice room-- that's it! Lol.

    if I had to vote from your list-- I vote Costa Rica! Heard amazing things

  • Samantha
    Master May 2013
    Samantha ·

    We went to cancun. We got engaged there so it had sentimental value. Also it's super cheap so $4k goes a long way.

  • J&B
    Master September 2013
    J&B ·

    We decided on Belize pretty quickly. That might be a good place for you to consider, too. There's beaches, the Blue Hole for scuba diving, lots of snorkeling, Mayan ruins, cave tubing, etc.

  • We'llAlwaysHaveParis
    Master November 2013
    We'llAlwaysHaveParis ·

    About 9 months. We tossed A LOT of ideas around. Decided on a roadtrip through CA.

  • Jules
    Master January 2014
    Jules ·

    Not long honestly. My only real requirement was somewhere I had never been and somewhere with a direct flight. FH wanted to snorkel and not need a passport. We both hike so that was important. So Puerto Rico it was!

  • Chrissy
    Expert June 2014
    Chrissy ·

    We've been all over, but want something thing similar to you. I think we're looking at Riviera Maya.

  • Z
    Master May 2012
    Zoe ·

    Took me as long as it takes to say, "OK, honey-- that sounds great!" but I don't think it took my DH much longer than that to book us an all-inclusive in Hawaii (Kona Village) and then a nice hotel on Maui (I forget the name). Don't over think it-- it's your honeymoon-- it'll be awesome.

  • mscountry
    Master July 2014
    mscountry ·

    Not long at all. We are going to New Orleans, our only requirements were no flying and no beach neither of us fly and i burn to easily even with sunscreen to spend the day on the beach.

  • Spartan Couple
    Dedicated May 2014
    Spartan Couple ·

    Not too long for us to decide...once I found this one resort in Costa Rica, we were sold! Nayara is the #1 hotel in South and Central America and #4 in the's gorgeous! Plus lots of adventure....ziplining, hiking, white water rafting, hot springs, canyoning, etc!

  • Alejandra
    Master May 2014
    Alejandra ·

    There is a hotel in Costa Rica I fell in love with. Imagine it between the pacific ocean and the jungle, the suites we were looking at have their own private plunge pools with amazing views. It is near a national park. The problem is that it is very expensive and none of the vacation package sites have it so with airfare and food it would be so expensive.

    We figured we can just go to an all inclusive in Cancun and have a longer HM. We can lay on the beach, enjoy the pools, visit the Mayan ruins, go ziplining, and so many other adventurous activities.

  • Chartae
    Beginner July 2014
    Chartae ·

    I can help you find some affordable resorts for you if your interested...i am a Travel agent.. where were you two looking at?

  • Charlie
    Expert July 2017
    Charlie ·

    We went from considering touring ALL the continental states in one massive road trip, to maybe just seeing the circumference of the U.S., to a week in Disneyland and then a few weeks camping in Leavenworth, WA, which is a more recent choice (last week), and I don't know if we will still do that if we end up doing DW in Canada..may just HM in Canada! So still undecided, but then again still undecided for the venue, too...

  • ... just add coffee
    VIP October 2013
    ... just add coffee ·

    It took us about 4 seconds to decide on Florida. We wanted something familiar and relaxing. We'd been before (and I'd been to the same spot 100 times before). It was a no brainer for us.

    I think we're going to save up for a big trip in a few years. Maybe Hawaii or the Bahamas.

  • Jennifer
    VIP November 2013
    Jennifer ·

    Maybe like a week or two. We aren't able to honeymoon right afterwards cause of work, so we knew it had to be either winter break (we get 2 whole weeks!) or summer vacation.

    We were thinking for like a week that we would go to Kentucky in December. Somewhere we could drive in reach to and would have slightly better weather than the northeast at that time. But I was still nervous about traveling, cause they are saying we are going to have a bad winter. Scratch that. Summer it is.

    Then our focus was on Disney. Dec was way too expensive, so looking at August. I've wanted to go for years, and FH was finally agreeing to make me happy. The other idea was Alaskan cruise, I started pricing that out as well. It was becoming similar to Disney pricing, but with food included. Figured it was less a chance we'd get back out on the West Coast, so we decided to book the cruise. So excited!

  • Amy L
    VIP September 2014
    Amy L ·

    We've been throwing a bunch of ideas around and did some research and have found a trip that has really stuck, were going to go on a 5 day cruise leaves from Vancover and ends in LA I have never been to the west cost! I think we'll spend a few nights in LA after cruise to sight see. Nothing is booked yet wedding is next sept we will probs book after the holidays

  • F
    VIP May 2014
    FutureMrs.Combs ·

    It didn't take that long because I already knew I wanted to go to Disney World so we compared the resort prices with the cruise prices and decided we'd like a cruise better so a Disney Cruise to the BAHAMAS it is!

  • Amanda
    Master August 2013
    Amanda ·

    We knew right away that we wanted tropical and relaxing, short flight from DC, and no more than $4K total. So that narrowed us down to a cruise or AI in the Caribbean.

    We ruled out cruises quickly. I love cruising, but the small rooms and surprise alcohol bill didn't thrill me. So then, we were trying to decide which AI resort chain we liked best. We flip flopped between Couples and Secrets; Couples being the budget option and Secrets more of a splurge.

    We decided to splurge. It's our honeymoon, right?! There was some back and forth over Mexico or Jamaica, and Mexico won. We honeymooned at Secrets Maroma Beach, a little south of Cancun, on one of the top ten beaches in the world. It was absolutely INCREDIBLE.

    The total cost was $3,800 for airfare, swim up suite, and all food, drinks, tips, and other charges. We added on about $600 worth of excursions. It was just amazing. I had SMB in the back of my mind during the whole decision process, which took maybe a month total.

  • Private User
    Master March 2014
    Private User ·

    About 4 months, originally we were planning on California but since we are on the eastern side of the US the flight costs were very high. We then bounced around the idea of the Virgin Islands but again the travel costs alone were taking up over half our budget. I think in those 4 months we "picked" our spot about 6 times. Finally decided on a cabin in Northern Georgia. We wanted something private and I hate crowds so a large resort or hotel was not it for me. On my honeymoon I want to be able do I put this...not worry about noise violations. Hehe, plus we still can do things like horseback riding, ziplining and hiking. We put down our reservation on Friday!!! So excited! Plus the rate for the whole week combined with the gas to get there is cheaper than a one way ticket to California!

  • Mrs. Shanon V
    Master May 2014
    Mrs. Shanon V ·

    We're still having that conversation, lol.

  • Alejandra
    Master May 2014
    Alejandra ·

    Good to know we aren't the only ones having a hard time deciding lol I thought I was just being my usual self, over-thinking the whole thing. Wedding is still about 8 months away but I'm a planner, so I'd like to have a concrete plan already.

    We looked into it more this weekend and we have decided on Cancun Our budget is $2,500 including hotel, food, drinks and flights so an AI is our best bet. Thankfully, there are lots of nice resorts to choose from in that budget. We want to visit the Mayan ruins and go zip lining too.

    Amanda, your honeymoon sounds AMAZING!

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