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How did you do your invites?

WitchyWoman, on October 4, 2015 at 10:46 AM Posted in Planning 0 27
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Hello Ladies!

How did you guys do your invites? Did you order them through Vistaprint, Shutterfly, boutique shops online, Etsy, kits from Michaels or some such or maybe something of your own creation? I would love to hear how you picked your invites and the experience you had with the shop or designing them.


  • AG2005
    VIP April 2016
    AG2005 ·

    I saw some on pinterest that I loved and I used that idea to create ours.

  • Marina
    Super March 2016
    Marina ·

    I shopped around a lot. Looked at all what's available and sorta made my own design. I met a girl who creates them here locally in one of the bridal shows. Told her my ideas and it's done. I LOVE them!

  • Marina
    Super March 2016
    Marina ·

    Sorry on mobile

  • MrsA
    Master October 2015
    MrsA ·

    I designed my own.

  • Amanda
    VIP September 2015
    Amanda ·

    We went with a local graphic artist. Spent WAY too much but it was important to my dh. We sat with the artist, gave her ideas of what we wanted, and she sent us 5 proofs. We didn't like any of them. We took pieces from each and designed our own logo. She put it all together beautifully! They were expensive, but, EXACTLY what we wanted so no regrets!

  • Alicia B
    Expert August 2015
    Alicia B ·

    I ordered our through wedding paper divas and then made my own belly bands with a monogram stamp

  • Alicia B
    Expert August 2015
    Alicia B ·

    I also rounded the corners of every card with a round corner punch from Michaels

  • alietta
    Expert March 2016
    alietta ·

    Vistaprint...I got a main invite, an rsvp card, and a directions card from my venue. I added envelope liners using wrapping paper. My aunt made me belly bands with gold foil monogram on them, and I will print the labels and do the addressing myself. Will probably cost about $250 for 100 including postage when it's all done (not including what my aunt did).

  • Annie & Javi
    Master October 2015
    Annie & Javi ·

    We chose to DIY; I ordered pocketfolds and envelopes from cardsandpockets.com and found the rest of the paper at Michaels.

    Saw inspiration on Etsy but the woman was charging an insane amount and apparently couldn't change the color of the invites. I only have our very first mock-up, our final product was slightly different with a change of font and a bit more detail.

  • WitchyWoman
    Dedicated April 2016
    WitchyWoman ·

    Marina- Those are beautiful! I love that you found somebody local to make them for you!

  • Marina
    Super March 2016
    Marina ·

    Thanks Liza. She actually ships all over. She's on etsy too. We met the first time in person but everything was over emails after that. Here's her website. http://www.paperandlaceboutique.com/

  • Rebecca
    Master November 2015
    Rebecca ·

    One of my close friends is a professional graphic designer so she created them for us and had them printed at a local print shop. We told her the basic idea of what we wanted and the wording and she took it from there.

  • NewMrsWesely
    Master September 2016
    NewMrsWesely ·

    On the app so I can't show but I got the cards from michaels and I designed the entire thing. The std and rsvp cards I bought heavy duty card stock and creating my own postcards for them.

  • VWCat
    Master October 2015
    VWCat ·

    I commissioned an artist to do a painting. He then did the graphic design work in illustrator or photoshop. He recommended a printer who I've been working with.

  • Julia T
    Master August 2015
    Julia T ·

    I did seal & send from invites by dawn. I put them inside envelopes so they won't get damage or get mistaking for junk mail. I got the purple envelopes from amazon. I paid $104 for 50 invites, which included post cards RSVP and space for reception information if needed.

  • LisaKitty
    Expert August 2015
    LisaKitty ·

    We used Vistaprints for everything (STDs, invites, thank you note cards), and were very pleased. We actually used a child's birthday party template for the STD, and a partial image from that on the return address labels and thank you note cards. It had the right amount of whimsy to go with our informal pirate themed wedding. Just a suggestion in case you don't find what you need in a traditional wedding invite selection.

  • Nicole
    VIP June 2017
    Nicole ·

    I found a design I really like on Etsy, but the cost was ridiculous, even for the self-assemble package. My mom's bff is a paper craft/scrapbook god, so her, her mentor/guru, myself, and whomever else that wants to will make them at mom's bff's house. I'm hoping my mom can maybe come to town for that, and I know 2 of my girls will want to help. It'll be fun.

    ETA: I took the inspiration and designed my own invite and RSVP card in Word. We'll print it all at home. I found a website that sells bulk paper for an AMAZING price. I've ordered a few samples from them and they use really good quality paper.

  • Pinky Winter Promise
    Master February 2016
    Pinky Winter Promise ·

    We used Invitations by Dawn for invitations (we paid just under $200 for 120 invitations, one insert for the RSVP info (we are doing online/phone RSVP), inner and outer envelopes, and sealing stickers). I made on insert on cardstock to include the meal information on one side and FAQs on the other (hotel information, rental car information, and again listed the website for further information).

    For the other stationary items:

    We used Vistaprint for STDs.

    Our thank you cards -- we bought off of Amazon and in Walmart (one was for the wedding shower and the other for the wedding). We will DEFINITELY have extras of each.

    The invitations for the wedding shower - were homemade.

    **If you would like, I'll try to find the different items and take a picture of them.

  • beautyofdreams
    VIP August 2016
    beautyofdreams ·

    @Alicia B I love how you personalized the ones you bought! I plan on ordering from theamericanwedding but the ones I want don't have the right colored bellyband. Where did you purchase the bellyband from? Is it a ribbon band or paper? I am also interested in rounding my corners. Was that difficult? sorry for all the questions, I just love your customization.

  • Kelly
    Super December 2015
    Kelly ·

    We used Evites and it's free.

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