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Honeymoon to Costa Rica

Cherish , on June 27, 2017 at 10:34 AM Posted in Honeymoon 0 4
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Wanting to go to Costa Rica for our honeymoon but have no clue where to begin with planning! Location? Tours? Food? All-Inclusive? Any recommendations or advice?


  • Kyle
    Super May 2019
    Kyle ·

    My husband and I went to CR for our honeymoon for a week, and although it was too slow for us, it's beautiful if you're better at relaxing than us. The only MUST DO item I'd recommend is zip lining. We found one that took us over a dozen or so waterfalls, and it was incredible. Even my afraid-of-heights hubby loved it.

  • Megan
    Expert September 2017
    Megan ·

    Do your Zika research on it if you might possibly want to be pregnant within 6 months of the trip date...

  • GymRat
    Master May 2017
    GymRat ·

    Check out Tripadvisor.

  • DandT715
    Super July 2017
    DandT715 ·

    There's a company called Go Ahead Tours. They have a fun looking Costa Rica tour. FH and I were planning on signing up for that one, but we decided against it because of zika. I've used the company for a few trips (Italy and Ireland). I really enjoyed both of the tours!

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