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Honeymoon in thailand

Anthony and Afua, on August 4, 2016 at 7:08 PM Posted in Honeymoon 0 3
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Hi everyone, I'm getting married in 3weeks and booked our honeymoon in Thailand-Bangkok and Chiang Mai. We aren't really beach people(we grew up on the Gulf coast). Our hotel and flights are already booked. Any places you recommend to see and do?


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    My FH and I are also going to Thailand next year for our honeymoon. We plan on going for 2 weeks and spending time in Bangkok and near the beach. I hear there is an amazing rooftop bar in Bangkok. Something moon is the name

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  • Miss S Dot
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    Can I tell you that I absolutely LOVED THAILAND! The food was amazing (street food) and I just truly enjoyed being there. We did go to this giant flee market that's towards the end of the train line. We went to the mall but we stayed right downtown Bangkok next to the train...near the malls.

    I think they like it when you try and speak Thai so we bowed and said Sah-Wah-Dee-KAH (and bowed) when we met people and entered establishments.

    Culture great, I can't speak highly enough. We did go to Phuket for beach time

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  • O&L
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    Both Bangkok and Chiang Mai has many beautiful temples and ancient Palaces. The night lives is very lovely too with night markets and bar. You can hit up red light district for fun.

    Aside from that, two of personal favorites are cooking class and floating market.

    I would recommend Lonely Planet Pocket Bangkok (Travel Guide) Travel Guide". Used one is on $6 on amazon. They listed all note worthy places plus a map of sky train (Bangkok BTS) which is the best way to get around.

    Don't forget to pack long skirts/long pants as most of the temples won't let you in with shorts.

    Talking about this make me want to book a ticket myself Smiley smile

    Edited: I can't type today

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