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Honeymoon in Thailand

Terri, on August 18, 2016 at 11:59 AM Posted in Honeymoon 0 5
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My fiance and I have decided on our honeymoon in Thailand and are seeking suggestions and advice on which regions and islands to visit. We are admittedly hotel snobs and are looking for picturesque views and pampering. At the same time, we want to stick to a $250-$300 a night budget. We aren't big on night life, but are hoping to immerse ourselves in the culture, enjoy some adventure activities and spend some time on the beaches and in the water. We are contemplating whether we should visit Bangkok and Chiang Mai or limit our time to Phuket, Krabi and Kho Samui. Are those islands/areas different enough? We are there for 10 nights starting Nov 23. We have the option of flying into Phuket or Bangkok and haven't decided, yet. We would love input from others who have traveled there.


  • Katelina1
    VIP June 2017
    Katelina1 ·

    I've been to Bangkok and Northern Thailand, I'd say go south to the beaches for more scenic and upscale hotels. The north is more jungle, and we stayed in a floating hut on the River Kwai. Probably not a good honeymoon location unless you don't mind no electricity or flushing toilets lol. (We were backpacking...)

  • Sylvia751
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    Sylvia751 ·

    Patong Beach, Koh Phi Phi island, Krabi, Phuket -- all good. Patong beach is very party-ish.

    The exchange rate is in our favor in Thailand. You won't need to spend that much for a great view, FYI.

  • OG Brittany
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    OG Brittany ·

    I went to Bangkok and Northern Thailand like 8 years ago. Bangkok is really cool, especially if you are interested in seeing all the temples they have there. But it's mostly just a big city, with bits of Thai culture here and there. Gitta watch out for the Tuk Tuks (little rickshaw cars.) I personally would have LOVED to go to Phuket, but time didn't allow for it unfortunately. Like a PP said, our dollar goes so much further in Thailand (Baht is their currency), and a bottle of water for example costs like 30 cents there. It's great honestly. So you should be able to get pretty nice hotels with the exchange rate.

  • Terri
    Just Said Yes November 2016
    Terri ·

    Yes--we picked Thailand because we could stretch our money further. We, originally, had planned Hawaii and switched gears when we realized we were having a hard time finding a room with a view for less than $500 a night.

  • Katelina1
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    Katelina1 ·

    I second that Bangkok is really cool. The night market...so much fun! If you fly into Bangkok, stay there for a night or two, then head south to the beaches :-)

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