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Honeymoon- Bali or Thailand

Jamie, on October 11, 2017 at 11:20 AM Posted in Honeymoon 0 3
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I'm going on my honeymoon the last week in June and first week in July. I'm debating between Thailand/Cambodia and Bali. I know that this is the start of the rainy season in Thailand and Cambodia. I would pick the south eastern gulf islands which don't have rain in that time. Would Angkor Wat, Bangkok and Chang Mai be ruined this time of year though?

Is Bali a better choice? I don't want to make the decision solely based on weather.


  • firstoneat56
    Master August 2017
    firstoneat56 ·
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    You should probably speak to an experienced travel agent.

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  • Laura Frazier
    January 2020
    Laura Frazier ·
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    Everyone in Thailand joked that they have 2 seasons -- hot season & rainy season! Rainy season begins May 1. Rainy season in Bali runs October to March.

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  • Laura
    Beginner October 2017
    Laura ·
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    I've traveled through all 3, and can easily say Thailand and Cambodia. Bali is... Kinda gross :/ and was the only place I felt unsafe. Thailand is amazing, but to me Bangkok was basically NYC... going to the islands was much more fun. Angkor Wat is amazing although Cambodia overall wasn't my favorite, I didn't like Phnom Penh at all, but the beaches were nice. I traveled January-April so it wasn't rainy season, but when I was researching a lot of people said it's not usually all day rain and more than likely won't annoy you too much

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