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Hobby Lobby is Closing!?

Hannah, on July 16, 2017 at 11:52 PM

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Time to get stuff for DIY projects! I am waiting for the DIY stuff to go on sale! Are y'all planning to jump on it with the closing? How much do y'all know about it?

Time to get stuff for DIY projects! I am waiting for the DIY stuff to go on sale!

Are y'all planning to jump on it with the closing? How much do y'all know about it?


  • soon2BmrsH
    Super September 2017
    soon2BmrsH ·

    I hope this is just nonsense because I LOVE shopping at hobby lobby whenever I'm in a town that has one... I live four and a half hours from the closest large town. It's such a relaxing store to shop in!

  • Jacky
    Master June 2017
    Jacky ·

    There are a lot of rumors circulating Hobby Lobby right now. The only thing that is true is that they are guilty for illegally purchasing the ancient Biblical artifacts. It isn't true at all that they are funding ISIS by purchasing these items (that's confirmed fake news), they do not hate gays, they don't treat women unfairly (they take care of all their employees), their health care plans DO cover all BC except for 4 specific ones, they pay their employees well above minimum wage, and they are definitely not closing.

  • Daniella
    VIP October 2017
    Daniella ·

    Damn, saw the title and got excited.

  • IzziJones
    Super October 2018
    IzziJones ·

    The rumors been going around for years on Facebook. It's not legit. (I'd be first in line if it was!) lol

  • WinterSweet
    Devoted July 2017
    WinterSweet ·

    People check SNOPES. This is FALSE. Hobby Lobby is not closing.

    The info is based off of FALSE info from 2012

  • FutureMrsR
    VIP May 2018
    FutureMrsR ·

    Just popping in to say that you can't blame "the media" for misinformation; there will always be tabloids and pundits and those should not tarnish the reputation of valid newspapers and broadcasts. The media isn't the problem, but you SHOULD be picky and choosy about where you get your news.

    This has been a PSA from a professional journalist. End rant.

  • Frugal Fiancée
    Expert September 2017
    Frugal Fiancée ·

    All I know if it was it would be major sales so either way I'm good with it

  • LillyBean17
    Master October 2017
    LillyBean17 ·

    PWG is bae for the day lol, Hobby Lobby is awful.

  • PrettyWitty&Gay
    VIP October 2017
    PrettyWitty&Gay ·

    Bae for the day?! me!? Yay!

    And Jacky, it does not take much digging to find out that Hobby Lobby fought tooth and nail to be able to deny their female employees reproductive healthcare (even if they do provide some now it doesnt negate how hard they fought for the ability not to), and that their money has been funneled into tonnns of organizations that actively fought to prevent me and my partner from being able to do the thing this website is dedicated to all under the guise of "religious liberty," so they can truly go fuck themselves.

    the isis stuff is only potential at this point (as i clearly mentioned in my post), but the hysterical irony is not missed by me.


  • Deanna
    VIP October 2018
    Deanna ·

    Yeahhh this is a rumor.

  • Meet_The_Clarks
    VIP June 2018
    Meet_The_Clarks ·

    @prettywitty&gay- I literally laughed out loud at your comment. I don't know you or what you sound like, but I can just envision so much sass with that statement.

    I'm in total agreeance. Never stepped foot in one, never will. I don't believe what they stand for. Same goes for chic-fil-a. FH loves them but I won't eat there bc of their discriminatory beliefs

  • Flying
    Master May 2017
    Flying ·

    Every time I see PWG comment I get excited.

  • PrettyWitty&Gay
    VIP October 2017
    PrettyWitty&Gay ·

    ^^put this on my tombstone

  • PrettyWitty&Gay
    VIP October 2017
    PrettyWitty&Gay ·

    @meet the clarks (Great last name, Mine too!) you're pretty accurate. There was sass oozing out of my fingertips with just the sliiightest hint of a NY accent

  • Celia Milton
    October 2019
    Celia Milton ·

    I wouldn't care if they did. Their politics are appalling. I'd freaking weave my own burlap first.

    Don't blame it on the media. Blame it on not digging deep enough into any given story.

  • Ashley S.
    Super April 2018
    Ashley S. ·

    Yeah this is old news. And it's fake. As long as Michael's is still good, I am too.

  • jona
    Devoted October 2017
    jona ·

    I can't wait to purchase all of the war-torn burgled antiquities I've been looking for to complete my wedding centerpieces!

  • PrettyWitty&Gay
    VIP October 2017
    PrettyWitty&Gay ·

    Ooooh @jona, I am LOVING your wedding vibe

  • Courtney
    Super September 2017
    Courtney ·

    This is a hoax. Research where you are seeing these stupid posts. Everything you read on social media.is NOT true.

  • Jacky
    Master June 2017
    Jacky ·

    @PrettyWitty&Gay I understand that article is LGBT centered, but it’s left wing biased to say the least. No, it doesn’t take much digging into it (on the surface), but here’s the thing: I have worked at Hobby Lobby before, a few years ago, so i know the inside scoop. I have an openly gay close friend who is a full time manager there (currently on her way to get promoted), treated fairly, and I can tell you, the fact that they hate gay people is simply not true. They have not experienced any discrimination from the company as a whole. If there was an employer that had discriminated, they would be written up for it and possibly suspended or fired. This religous Liberty mandate does not allow them to treat their employee as such. The Greens do not take kindly to discrimination, I can tell you that from personal experience. It has happened all under my nose, not by reading a news source. Most of these news sources are not credible, if thy are real at all.

    They are accepting of everyone regardless of sexuality, gender, lifestyle, race, etc. They don't care. They hire non Christians. The media made that crap up because the company is openly Christian and gets a lot of flak since filing the Supreme court ruling for religious liberty back in 2014. They do absolutely cover health care, and contraceptives for all women, and these 4 specific ones that they only believe that MAY terminate life (and in this case, there’s no real evidence on how early life develops). So hobby lobby is against a couple forms of contraceptives. Are you going to help with several thousand well paid employees out of a job, including my gay friend, who works her ass off to feed her daughter, (and in turn, she is one of their best employee)? As for funding ISIS, its not true. Hobby Lobby Smuggled the artifacts between 2010 and 2011, well before those nations became ISIS territory. It’s just a scare to condemn Hobby Lobby.

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