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Help- So Lost!! (music related)

Hailey, on January 8, 2019 at 8:18 PM Posted in Planning 0 5
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I would like to be honest and upfront here- I feel like I am in over my head with planning out our day, especially when it comes to the music! I have no idea how things are supposed to play out.

Our ceremony will begin at 4pm, weather permitting will be held outdoors. Our venue has absolutely no sound system at all. Immediately after the ceremony we will take photos with family and have (what I think is called?) a cocktail hour (is it still called that if we have an open bar?). Dinner will be buffet style, and following dinner there will be time for toasts. After that, it's party time! I imagine the lights low in the room with twinkling lights and strobe lights, with modern music and lots of dancing.

As far as music goes, should we hire a DJ for the entire evening from ceremony to the end of the night, or DIY the ceremony/cocktail/dinner and have the DJ show up just before the party starts? OR, should we hire a local artist to do an acoustic set for ceremony/cocktail/dinner and have DJ for the party? If you did these things, how did it go? Which would be better budget wise? Sorry I rambled a bit but again, so lost!!! Help!!!


  • Colleen
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    We ate have mgca DJ for five hours thatvwill becwholecwedding ceromony and all. We thought it vwold all flow better
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  • Ginger
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    Ginger ·
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    We have a DJ coming from the time of the ceremony which will be out doors at a Lighthouse about 30 minutes away from the reception. He will play the music needed at the outdoor ceremony than pack up and head over for the reception. Our ceremony starts at 4:30 and reception starts at 6. He will stay for the entire reception.

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  • Caytlyn
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    If you plan to have a DJ, I would have them there for at least the cocktail hour and the entire reception. You could DIY music or hire a musician to do the ceremony, but a DJ will need to set up before the reception begins and they will charge you for those hours whether they are playing music or not.

    Our DJ will be doing music for the entire event, from 30 minutes before the ceremony begins until the last dance.

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  • Yoice
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    We have our DJ for ceremony and reception. For cocktail hour we have a musician.
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  • Ashley
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    Ashley ·
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    We are having an outdoor ceremony and hired a acoustic guitarist. Then we have a DJ coming for the ceremony, he will probably get there early to set up so he is ready to go when people are coming inside for cocktail hour/reception.

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