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Help choosing between 2 photographers / videographers

Danielle, on June 23, 2013 at 7:28 PM Posted in Planning 0 3
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We have two great photographers to choose from that also provide videography as well. Pricing is almost identical. Has anybody worked with either of the following photographers? www.victoriaangela.com or www.scotttrippler.com? Or any suggestions on helping to make a final decision? All help would be greatly appreciated!


  • Mrs. Potter
    Expert July 2013
    Mrs. Potter ·

    I think that both their work is really beautiful! At this point, since the price is almost identical, look at the amount of things you get with each price. Are you going to pay one photographer the same price to have 4 hours vs another who gives you 6?

    If the packages are about the same, then I would just chose which style I like best. The first one seems to focus on the details a little more than the second one, and her style of lightning seems a little different too. When looking at their work think about how you would like your wedding pictures to look.

    Finally, if you still can't decide. Ask each photographer for references of couples they have done in the past. Talk with these references and ask about their experience working with them. Hope this helps!!

  • vicky
    VIP May 2014
    vicky ·

    Have you personally met with and sat down with both of them? I initially made a list of photographers near me, narrowed it down by their reviews, packages & compared it to what WW girls showed was typical /avg ranges. I had 3 that were all pretty similar but after spending an hour talking to each in person I knew right away which personalities I did & did not want hovering around me all day long. Some girls don't care about that but for me to be comfortable in all my photos I need to have a relationship with the person I'm working with.

  • Chrissy
    Expert June 2014
    Chrissy ·

    I think they both have different styles, equally beautiful, but different. Victoria's work is more my style. Also, after meeting with different photogs I realized (well was really reminded) that I connect better with girls than guys. That really played a factor into who I booked, because I wanted to be comfortable with my photog. Also, have you checked reviews online?

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