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Has anyone been to Tulum, Mexico?

Eamsee, on December 2, 2017 at 9:31 PM Posted in Honeymoon

We are starting to look into honeymoon destinations now, in order to stay on top of the budget as much as possible. We are from NY and would like to keep the honeymoon on this hemisphere, as super long flights are difficult due to health reasons. We are thinking the Caribbean, or possibly Central or South America. I searched for "affordable off the beaten path honeymoon destinations" and Tulum, Mexico popped up. The photos are absolutely stunning and from what I can gather it seems like a more adult area and less of a wild college kids area. I also love that there are ancient Mayan ruins just 5 miles away, with excursions offered to visit the ruins. I quickly looked on Orbitz just to get an idea of what the cost would be and I was very pleasantly surprised. It really seems to check all of the boxes. I just have never heard of it before and I was wondering if any of you ladies have been there before or know someone who has. Also, I would be open to suggestions of different destinations.



  • Beachy
    VIP November 2017
    Beachy ·

    Went many years ago and LOVED it.

  • Laura
    Dedicated September 2018
    Laura ·

    @TRJ did you go in September? I was iffy about the weather in Mexico since it's the tail end of hurricane season but your pics look amazing and it's much closer!

  • Eamsee
    Expert June 2019
    Eamsee ·

    @TRJessie, Holy Crow, those photos are beautiful!!! Those caves are awesome! I doubt very much we would go to Cancun, as we are looking for something a little more low key . We were thinking of going for one week and I think that would be plenty of time. I really love the idea of going to the ruins. I know that most likely there will be a decent amount of walking involved, but is it a situation where the vehicle that transports you brings you pretty close to the ruins, or there is a long hike trudging through the jungle to reach it? @OliviaP, thank you, that sounds lovely and totally worth the $!

  • Leila
    Super October 2017
    Leila ·

    I had my wedding in Tulum , at the grand Bahia principe Tulum . It's a big resort with many options it was gorgeous. YouTube names of resort and you can sometimes see videos people have posted !

  • Leila
    Super October 2017
    Leila ·

    Also be aware that the drive from the airport to Tulum is over an hour away. Secure shuttle service when booking your resort stay!

  • Bridecb
    Devoted June 2018
    Bridecb ·

    It was awesome when we went a few years ago. We only visited Tulum for 1 day though and stayed in Cancun

  • Ginggotthering
    Devoted August 2018
    Ginggotthering ·

    Do Rivera Maya and go to tulum for a day.

  • Jennifer
    Devoted May 2014
    Jennifer ·

    I second the previous poster's statement that climbing the pyramid at Coba is terrifying. I scooted the entire way down on my butt one step at a time and it still made me dizzy.

    A few people mentioned the Grand Bahia Principe but be aware that (and other major chains) is not actually IN Tulum. I think it is actually closer to Akumal than Tulum.

    Personally I think it would an awful waste to stay in an all inclusive down there. Too many great places to eat!! Mezzanine has the best Thai food I've had anywhere, my mouth is watering just thinking about it!

  • Deirdre
    Expert March 2018
    Deirdre ·

    I went to Tulum for a destination wedding. It was at Dreams Tulum, which was a really nice all-inclusive resort. The rooms were really big and comfortable, and it wasn't that expensive (though I know we got a discounted wedding rate, so not sure how much it is outside of that). They had two pools, one with a swim-up bar. A bar with swings that you sat on as opposed to seats, it was right on the beach and they had chairs set up. The food was pretty good. While we were there we did some day trips. We went to Chichen Itza (it's a little far from Tulum, but we found a tour company that brought you out there and had other excursions along the way), we swam with dolphins (this was super fun, and one of my favorite parts of the trip). There are other ruins/pyramids you can see that are closer to Tulum, but this is one of the 8 wonders of the world and we wanted to check it out. The bride and groom also treated everyone to a snorkeling excursion, which was really beautiful. We're not really beach vacation type of people, but we both had an awesome time.

  • Sally
    Devoted March 2018
    Sally ·

    We go to the area of Tulum/ cancun often and would recommend a private transfer we have used every visit (called USA transfers you can google them) they will get you where you need/ want to go and take into account any health issues you mentioned in your OP you can Hire them for the day for reasonable price and they are great tour guides too

  • Samantha
    Expert March 2018
    Samantha ·

    I have never been but we booked our honeymoon at The Grand Oasis Tulum and we cannot wait! I didn’t want to be that far from the airport but it just looked amazing and was in our price range. We booked on cheapcarribean.com and it was super easy. We will be there for seven nights so we wanted to pick a resort with a decent amount of dining options....ours has 11 restaurants so I think we will be fine. We booked a honeymoon room and it included a free smart car rental for 1 day so we will be exploring a little. During the booking we chose an excursion going to the ruins and we are super pumped

  • CBD to Be
    Expert June 2018
    CBD to Be ·

    Azulik in Tulum is on my bucket list-- it sounds so romantic! The suites are like tree houses, there are bathtubs on the balconies, they come to light candles for you at night because there are no overhead lights (which normally, one outlet and no wifi would give me hives, but I think it would be a dreamy way to reconnect and recharge!) Oh and it's adult only and the beach is clothing optional

  • FinallyMrsJennings
    Devoted April 2017
    FinallyMrsJennings ·

    We didn't stay in Tulum itself but we got engaged at the Mayan ruins in Tulum so it is a very special spot for us. We basically just drove through Tulum itself and it really did look beautiful. If the beaches are anything like what they are at the ruins then absolutely yes- go there! Also Xel-ha is relatively close (we did Tulum and Xel-ha in the same day so not too far from each other) and THAT place is amazing. It's a lagoon area but with SO MANY things to do and restaurants. There's swimming with dolphins and other animal encounters, a tube ride down the lazy river, snorkeling. You can also just relax in hammocks or right on the beach under a cabana. That day was by far the best day! I say GO!!! Have fun!

  • K
    Just Said Yes June 2018
    Kristy ·

    Costco has great deals to Mexico and the Mayan ruins are amazing! We stayed in Riveria Maya and did some excursions; Tulum and Chichen Itza! Both were amazing and not too far of a drive. We did cenote snorkeling- best thing I've done in a while. I think it's a great place for a honeymoon!

  • FutureMrsThomas
    Savvy December 2017
    FutureMrsThomas ·

    We are going to Tulum in the Spring for our honeymoon! I am beyond excited. I actually saw it on House Hunters late one night and that's how I decided that's where I wanted to go!

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